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Let there be Luv'!

Dernière mise à jour : 11 sept. 2023

Photo edited by Marco Rens

Here is Luv', Marga Scheide & José Hoebee's latest news:

* On December 9th, AVROTROS/NPO 3 reran "Het beste van...Toppop Archief" (including the archives from AVRO's iconic music show TopPop). The program included a video of Luv' performing "You're the Greatest Lover" in 1978. It attracted 156.000 viewers (market share: 1.9%) and was initially broadcast on New Year's Eve last year.

During Luv's heyday (1977 - 1980), the trio appeared 29 times on TopPop!!!

Click here to watch "Het beste van... 50 jaar Toppop" (the Luv' ladies appears at 44:34).

* Dutch station Radio 10 recently asked its listeners to vote for the "4000 greatest songs of all time". The Top 4000 was revealed earlier this month. Luv's signature song, "You're the Greatest Lover", peaked at #1990. It is a big gainer: it reached the 3043rd position in 2021 (an increase of 1053 places in one year).

You're the Greatest Lover is a pop classic initially released in 1978 (the year of Luv's breakthrough) and written by Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer.

Click here to see the complete Top 4000.

* Recently, Marga Scheide was part of a panel of celebrities who discussed celebrity gossips in the Dutch magazine Story.

Earlier this year, the media reported that the Dutch singer Waylon cheated on his girlfriend Bibi Breijman when she was pregnant. Waylon told Raven van Dorst on BNNVARA's program "Boerderij van Dorst" that his erection problems were the reason for his infidelity. Unlike Patty Brard, who criticized him on Shownieuws, Marga was understanding. "This interview was his way of explaining his "failure". He's brave!” the blonde ex-Luv' singer told Story.

When asked if, after the success of his Sinterklaas show Paul de Leeuw should come back with his humorous program "De schreeuw van De Leeuw", Marga answered: " If it wasn't a success the last time, he better comes up with something new. He can do a lot more".

* Last month, Cw Miniaturen Dolls posted pictures of Luv' dolls wearing the iconic 1978 Trojan Horse costumes on its Facebook page.

Picture posted on November 27th on Facebook

Picture posted on November 28th on Facebook

* The December 7th edition of Privé magazine features an interview with José Hoebee.

After her husband's death ten years ago, the former Luv' singer developed a nervous tic in her mouth, which caused her difficulties in eating and made her lose a lot of weight. Due to her ill health, the Luv' ladies were obliged to stop their live performances in September 2019, and the group announced its dissolution in February 2020. Since Luv's demise, José's situation has not improved.

However, the artist told Privé that she felt a bit better due to her sessions with a psychologist, as her problems are mainly psychological. José might take part in a Christmas dinner if things get better. "I hope so because my son Tim and his Italian fiancée come to visit me. At the moment, they live in Italy and enjoy life there. I always say: "if my child is happy, I'm happy too! " I have a nice daughter-in-law, but Tim doesn't want me to talk about it in the media, so I have to be careful about what I say. Both of them will be happy if they see me eat normally," José said.

When asked if she was still in touch with Marga Scheide, José answered: "Marga calls, sends WhatsApp messages or SMS me every day. She has always been a great comfort to me. In our long conversations, we talk about the good moments we had with Luv' for more than forty years".

Unfortunately, José is not on speaking terms with Bonnie St. Claire with whom she formed a duo in the 1980s. "I don't understand what's going on. On November 18th, when she celebrated her 73rd birthday, I recorded a kind voicemail and sent her a WhatsApp message. But she didn't react. I don't understand what I did wrong and why she let me down. It must be something serious. We have such a nice past together and also had hits together. Why does she treat me this way?" the songstress told.

Moreover, an item about José's Christmas celebration was broadcast on December 13th on the entertainment news program "Sterrenstof" on Libelle TV (in association with Story). Click here to watch it.

Source: Official Luv' & José Hoebee Fan Page (Facebook). AVROTROS, SKO, Radio 10, Story, Mediacourant, CW Miniaturen Dolls, Privé, Libelle TV


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