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Luv' News: Marga Scheide in Privé and Libelle TV, New Luv' dolls and "Oh, Wat Een Jaar!"

* The April 21st edition of Privé magazine featured an article about Marga Scheide's artistic farewell. The former Luv' singer gave her final performance at CC De Spil in Roeselare, Belgium, as part of Piv Huluv's Vinylvreter Show on April 15th. It was the end of her 46-year music career.

"I haven't cried. I'm too discreet for that. After this evening, I know it will be over. I've never forced myself to perform on stage. I've always enjoyed the live shows. In the early years, when we had to work a lot abroad, there were moments when I was so exhausted that I asked myself: "Will I survive it?". But anytime I appeared in public, my problems disappeared. The secret of Luv's songs is that they make people happy and give me energy. I've always felt privileged compared to people who work nine to five. There's nothing wrong with it, but I've never made huge efforts to make a living. At the height of my career, I was very busy. Because I had to perform in the evening and on weekends, I refused many invitations to family and friends' birthdays. It was normal to me for many years. I've recently realized that I missed a lot of gatherings," Marga told Privé.

The singer wanted a discreet farewell. "My last performance was not a reason for a party. It was supposed to be like the thousands of previous shows I had given: I had to take off my make-up and clothes, pack my bag, and drive back home. But it didn't happen this way. It all started with a dinner with Jan Cattrijsse (aka Piv Huvluv) and my partner Michiel Gunning. My collaboration with Jan was fantastic. He had to convince me to go on tour with him two and a half years ago. Initially, Luv' were supposed to perform with him for a whole theater season. When José got sick and felt her recovery would take a long time, the deal had to be cancelled. We decided to stop Luv'. Jan wanted me to join him on tour as a solo guest artist. I've never regretted this offer. During my guest performances with Jan, I realized I was not made for a solo career. I sang Luv's songs and duets with Jan," Marga said.

Dozens of Dutch Luv' fans attended Marga's last show in Roeselare. "There were admirers from the Netherlands in the concert hall. Some of them drove thousands of kilometers to be there. I received a standing ovation when I appeared on stage, and the applause didn't stop at the end of the show. An after-party with fans was held. It was a good opportunity to say goodbye to them. They gave a speech and presents (including flowers and perfumes). At first, I did my best to control my emotions, and I succeeded. However, I got emotional because I didn't expect these nice reactions as I didn't want a lot of fanfare. In retrospect, I'm happy with it," Marga explained.

The songstress expected her final curtain. "Luv's success never ended, but the line-up changes affected the group. It started with Patty Brard, then Ria Thielsch and finally Chimène van Oosterhout. When José (who, like me, had been part of Luv' since day one) became ill, it was better to stop. Shortly afterwards, the Covid-19 pandemic spread to the world. A final performance for Luv' was out of the question. The theater tour in Belgium was a bonus to me," Marga asserted.

The classy lady wants now to focus on her social life. "I won't miss showbiz. I won't go back on stage. Luv' is definitively over. I'm not ready to do anything in entertainment. I want to bond more with my friends and family. Michiel and I have planned faraway trips. I travelled the world during Luv's glory years, but I didn't see much. We only saw airports, hotels and TV studios. Michiel and I want to travel more often to Ibiza and we want to stay there longer. I'll have more time to take care of stray cats there. Michiel helps me. We've been happy together for sixteen years. Michiel has been working in the wheelchair business. He is still active for a Danish company which makes technologically advanced wheelchairs. He has to present them during trade fairs. His activity is easy to combine with our new life," Marga added.

Moreover, an item about Marga's farewell show was broadcast on May 2nd on the entertainment news program "Sterrenstof" on Libelle TV (in association with Story). Click here to watch it.

Source: Official Luv' (Facebook), Privé, Sterrenstof/Libelle TV

* "Cw Miniaturen Dolls" recently posted pictures of Luv' dolls wearing the iconic "My Number One" and "Ann-Maria" costumes on its Facebook page.

Luv' dolls wearing "My Number One" outfits - picture posted on May 1st on Facebook

Luv' dolls wearing "Ann-Maria" outfits - pictures posted on May 9th

Cw Miniaturen Dolls previously produced other Luv' dolls wearing their iconic 1979 "Ooh, Yes I Do" leather costumes, 1978 "Greatest Lover" outfits and "U.O.Me" golden dresses.

Source: Facebook (Cw Miniaturen Dolls, Official Luv')

* RTL 4 will broadcast the game show "Oh, wat een jaar!", hosted by Chantal Janzen, on May 14th at 8.00 pm. The program is a tribute to the year 1979 when the Luv' ladies reached their peak internationally. Last month, Chantal taped the show and posted, as a foretaste, an Instagram video dressed like a Luv' singer. She wore a wig inspired by Patty Brard's haircut in the late 1970s and a costume inspired by Luv's Casanova outfit.

The fact that the TV host appeared as a Patty Brard lookalike may seem trivial and ironic. Last summer, Marga Scheide told Weekend magazine that she wanted Chantal (who is blonde like her) to portray her in a Luv' biopic whose script is in development.

Source: Siegfried Stelte (Facebook), RTL 4

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