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Luv' latest news: Party Hollandse Hitmix, Luv' dolls, De Foute 1500, Marga in Ibiza

* The summer 2022 edition of "Party Hollandse Hitmix" magazine features a short article about Luv' illustrated with a beautiful picture of the original trio (José, Marga & Patty).

Here's what Marga Scheide said about the group's glory years in the late 1970s: "During Luv's heyday, we had a hectic schedule. We flew by plane very often. We didn't have time to do any sightseeing. However, I always enjoyed what we did. I never forced myself to go on stage or to perform on television. It was always fun".

* Cw Miniaturen Dolls recently posted pictures of Luv' dolls wearing the iconic "One More Little Kissy" and "Casanova" costumes on its Facebook page.

Luv' dolls wearing "One More Little Kissy" outfits - picture posted on June 18th on Facebook

Luv' dolls wearing "Casanova" outfits - picture posted on June 22nd on Facebook

Cw Miniaturen Dolls previously produced other Luv' dolls wearing their iconic 1979 "Ooh, Yes I Do" leather costumes, 1978 "Greatest Lover" outfits, "U.O.Me" golden dresses, and the 1980 "My Number One" and "Ann-Maria" costumes.

* Recently, Dutch radio station Qmusic asked its listeners to vote for the 1500 kitschiest pop tracks of all time (De Foute 1500). "You're the Greatest Lover" by Luv' has reached the 693rd position. The trio's signature song only peaked at #938 on the previous Foute 1500 in December 2021. It means that Luv's classic hit gained 245 positions!

Click here to see the complete list of "De Foute 1500" .

* Ibiza is Marga Scheide's second home. Recently, the former Luv' singer spent a nice time on the Balearic party island with her partner, Michiel Gunning, her sister Hannie as well as Ger Valkenburg and Dyon Hagenaars of DC Models. On June 18th, Ger celebrated his birthday. Marga and her entourage were present. We wish Ger "hartelijk gefeliciteerd" (Happy Birthday in Dutch).

The Scheide sisters with Ger Valkenburg, Dyon Hagenaars and a friend- picture posted on June 17th on Dyon's Facebook page

Marga Scheide, Ger Valbenburg, Dyon Hagenaars and Hannie Scheide at Ger's birthday dinner on June 18th

The Scheide sisters and friend in Ibiza (June 20th)

Source: Facebook (Official Luv', Marga Scheide Fan Page, Dyon Hagenaars, Hannie Scheide, Cw Miniaturen Dolls), Marco Rens, Party Hollandse Hitmix, Qmusic

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