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Patty Brard on Shownieuws Zomereditie

Patty Brard often appears as a showbiz expert on the early evening edition (aka "Zomereditie" (summer edition) of SBS6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws".

In a previous article, I wrote about Patty's criticism of Dutch weight loss consultant and writer Sonja Bakker on Shownieuws' summer edition on June 8th. Bakker posted on June 9th a message on Instagram in response to these attacks.

The summer edition on June 9th (257.000 viewers/market share: 7.4%) featured the second episode of "Patty Op Ibiza", a mini-series about Miss Brard's tips in Ibiza.

Patty's Jet Ski tour in Ibiza

Shownieuws revealed the relationship between Noa Vahle (Linda de Mol's daugther) and aspiring TV producer Tim de Wild in its summer edition on June 10th (244.000 viewers/market share: 7%). Patty admitted on this occasion that Tim was "a cutie".

During the June 13th summer edition (351.000 viewers/market share: 9.3%), Patty and her team discussed Rebel Wilson's coming out and the cancellation of a Rolling Stones concert in Amsterdam due to Mick Jagger testing positive for Covid-19.

Item about Rebel Wilson's coming out

Item about The Rolling Stones cancelling a concert in Amsterdam

During the June 15th summer edition (301.000 viewers/market share: 10,1%), Patty and her crew talked about the end of RTL's collaboration with singer-TV personality Danny de Munk due to allegations of rape. On the other hand, Talpa TV (Patty's employer, which owns SBS6) decided to maintain its partnership with the controversial celebrity. Patty understood Talpa's decision, although "it was a difficult choice to make".

Item about the end of RTL's collaboration with Danny de Munk

The June 16th summer edition included the third episode of "Patty Op Ibiza" (dealing with hot spots on the party island). The following day, the media news website "" posted an article about Patty's anger towards the Dutch audience measurement company "Stichting KijkOnderzoek". SKO sets up a daily list of the 25 most-watched TV shows. On June 16th, Shownieuws' summer edition drew 287.000 viewers (market share: 8.7%). In the first instance, the program didn't appear on SKO's Top 25, which made the former Luv' singer furious. Instead, NPO 1's TV news (1.00 pm edition), which attracted fewer viewers (285.000 viewers/market share: 45.8%), peaked at #25. The diva posted a message on Instagram tagging SKO and media expert (and former SBS6 director) Tina Nijkamp: "Can't you count @SKO? We should be at #25 @TinaNijkam". The situation has improved: SKO has fixed the problem, and Shownieuws' summer edition is at #25. The trouble was that SBS6 used the same name (Shownieuws) for the early evening and late evening editions. Now the 7.30 pm edition is registered as "Shownieuws Zomereditie" and the 11.00 pm edition as "Shownieuws" on SKO's official list. Even though Shownieuws' summer edition is not a hit, it scores better TV ratings than its predecessor, SBS6's talk show "HLF8".

Patty Brard on Shownieuws Zomereditie on June 16th (including her angry message on Instagram the following day)

During the June 17th broadcast of Shownieuws Zomereditie, Patty criticized Dutch singer Waylon who cheated on his partner, Bibi Breijman when she was pregnant. Yvonne Coldeweijer, who has a popular entertainment news show on YouTube and Instagram, is a Bibi's good friend and knew about Waylon's infidelity. She didn't tell Bibi about this secret as she wanted to protect her due to her pregnancy. Patty called Yvonne "a bad friend". Yvonne reacted to La Brard's comments in an Instagram story. "Patty Brard is senile and needs to retire," she wrote.

Source: Patty Brard's Instagram account, Mediacourant, SKO, SBS6, YouTube


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