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Luv', Marga & José: latest news

José & Marga: Luv's leading ladies (photo edited by Marco Rens)

* On October 29th, José Hoebee had a nice and intimate lunch at the Ambacht café-restaurant in Best, the Netherlands with fans, Marco Rens (with whom I update the Official Luv', José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Ria Thielsch fan pages on Facebook), Jos Theuns (the singer's biggest fan and now a friend of hers) and Peter Pommelet.

Photos by Marco Rens for José Hoebee Fan Page (Facebook)

Jos Theuns, Marco Rens, José Hoebee & Peter Pommelet

* On November 6th, Cw Miniaturen Dolls posted pictures of Luv' dolls wearing the iconic

"Greatest Lover" Indian leather fringe dresses on its Facebook page.

* Earlier this month, Marga Scheide's Facebook Fan Page posted beautiful pictures of the former Luv' singer in Ibiza. Marga enjoys life with her partner, Michiel Gunning and her friends (including Dyon Hagenaars and Ger Valkenburg of DC Models who have been Luv's allies in recent years).

Photos by Marga Scheide and Michiel Gunning.

Photo posted on November 1st

Photo posted on November 5th

Photo posted on November 5th

Photo posted on November 11th

Marga, Michiel and the boys of DC Models (Dyon & Ger) - Photo posted on November 12th

* The latest issue of Privé magazine features a nice article about José Hoebee illustrated with pictures of good moments in her life: Luv', her duo with Bonnie St. Claire, her marriage with her late husband, record producer Will Hoebee, her meetings with André van Duin and Pierre Kartner (aka Vader Abraham) who passed away recently, her role as Snow White in the Abbacadabra musical, her participation in SBS6's celebrity figure skating competition "Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs" in late 2012-early 2013.

* On November 16th, José Hoebee gave a phone interview on the radio show "Afslag Zuid" on Omroep Brabant as part of a "back to the 1980s" week. She discussed the fact that she was the only female singer from North Brabant who scored a #1 hit with "I Will Follow Him" on the Dutch Top 40 in the 1980s. When asked how it felt to have a chart-topper in her repertoire, José answered: "It's fantastic. I had a very successful period with Luv'. I asked myself if people would accept me as a solo vocalist. I succeeded and I'm very proud of this number-one hit". When asked how it was to perform on her own after being part of a group, José said: "I was never comfortable when I had to be alone on stage. But because I had a chart-topper, it made things easier. I kept on singing Luv' songs during my solo performances. But as you know it, I also collaborated with other artists (Bonnie St Claire, Ron Brandsteder...)". The songstress explained why she decided to cover the pop classic "I Will Follow Him": "My husband, Will Hoebee, came up with this idea but he thought he was too close to me to produce my records. That's why he asked Pim Koopman to take over the production. Pim and I clicked immediately. I knew the original song by Little Peggy March from the 1960s. So I recorded my version with Pim and Peggy liked it. Years later, I re-recorded it as a duet with Peggy". She added: "I never thought it would be such a hit. I had hope but I wasn't sure it would take the charts by storm. At the time, many Dutch kids didn't know Peggy March's version so they thought it was a new song". José discussed her musical tastes and told how grateful she was: "I prefer music from the 1960s and 1970s. After my Luv' and solo career, I haven't listened much to the music on the radio. It's strange, I know. I'm very happy with what I achieved. I've just received an article about all the things I did in my career, published in Privé. Sometimes, I lunch with loyal fans. I'm 68 and have nice memories. When I was 14, my father said: "Our José should become an artist because that's the only thing she likes". I was very lucky because many other singers are very talented but never achieve my level of success". Click here to listen to the interview which starts at 20:52.

Photo edited by Marco Rens

Source: Official Luv' + José Hoebee Fan Page + Marga Scheide Fan Page (Facebook), Marco Rens, Cw Miniaturen Dolls, Omroep Brabant

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