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Luv' News: Bolland & Bolland, ABBA Intermezzo, Party magazine, Luv' Dolls

Dernière mise à jour : 12 mai 2022

* On March 20th, Marga Scheide and Hans van Hemert attended the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to Dutch music producers and brothers, Bolland & Bolland. The ceremony (organised by Martin Reitma and his team) took place at Kasteel Oud-Wassenaar, the Netherlands. Rob and Ferdi Bolland received the prestigious prize from the sports journalist Jack van Gelder.

Leading music magazines such as OOR, Soundz, Lust for Life and Zingmagazine, renowned pop journalists such as Jean Paul Heck, Koen Poolman, Robert Haagsma and Tom Blomberg and various important Dutch pop institutes decided, after consultation with the initiator – music journalist and organizer Martin Reitsma – to co-operate in the granting of this award. The jury praised Bolland & Bolland for their great significance within pop music, both nationally and internationally. The Bolland brothers produced and wrote many international hits, including the chart-toppers "Rock Me Amadeus" and "Jeanny" (1985) by Falco and "In The Army Now" by Status Quo (1986), which they released under their own name in 1982 as well as "Love House" by Samantha Fox (1988).

In addition to Hans van Hemert and Marga Scheide with her partner Michiel Gunning, other Dutch celebrities (including media personality Tineke de Nooij, photographer Claude Vanheye (who photographed Luv' for the covers of their records) and magician Hans Klok) were present.

1 Ronn van Etten, 2 Jane Goulding, 3 Koen Herfst, 4 Robert Jan Stips, 5 Rob Bolland, 6 Rene Bom, 7 Bea Willemstein, 8 Tineke de Nooij, 9 Ferdi Bolland, 11 Els De Wit, 12 Martin Reitsma, 13 Peter de Ronde, 14 Hilde Marchal, 15 Marga Scheide, 16 Addy van den Krommenacker, 17 Marcello van den Dop, 18 Arnold Muhren, 19 Joop Oonk, 20 Frits Wester, 21 Frans Meijer, 22 Mrs. Mühren, 23 Hans van Hemert, 24 Claude Vanheye, 25 Ferry Lever, 26 Victor R Meijer, Photo by Remco van Oosterom.

Photos by Ronald van den Andel:


Source: Facebook (Marga Scheide's Fan Page, Hans van Hemert, Martin Reitsma, Ronald van den Andel, Dimitri Asciutto, Elly Domenie,..),, Delft op Zondag, YouTube...

* The latest issue of ABBA Intermezzo Fan Club Magazine features a short article mentioning Flemish author Stany Van Wijmeersch who published "The Legacy of ABBA" (Vol. 1 & Vol. 2). Marga Scheide and Michiel Gunning, who appear in Van Wijmeersch's books, took part in the publications' release parties in Sweden and Belgium last autumn.

Source: Marga Scheide Fan Page (Facebook), ABBA Intermezzo

* The latest issue of Party magazine features a short article about Luv'. Chimène van Oosterhout was part of the girl group with Marga Scheide and José Hoebee between January 2019 and February 2020. Two years after the group's break-up, the ladies are still on speaking terms. Chimène, who turned 58 years old on February 11th, told Party: "Marga recently had her birthday, and I congratulated her. As for José, I sporadically get in touch with her".

Source: Official Luv' Facebook Page, Privé

* On March 24th, Cw miniaturen dolls posted pictures of Luv' dolls wearing the legendary 1978 "Greatest Lover" costumes on its Facebook page.

Cw Miniaturen Dolls previously produced other Luv' dolls wearing their iconic 1979 "Ooh, Yes I Do" leather costumes.

Source: Facebook (Cw Miniaturen Dolls, Official Luv')

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