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Luv's Greatest Lover on "Het beste van... Toppop Archief"

On New Year's Eve, the AVROTROS/NPO 3 show "Het beste van... Toppop Archief" included a video of Luv' performing "You're the Greatest Lover" on TopPop in 1978. The program attracted 270.000 viewers (market share: 10.2%).

Click here to watch "Het beste van... 50 jaar Toppop" (the Luv' ladies appears at 44:34).

In 2020, AVRO's iconic music program TopPop (inspired by BBC's Top Of The Pops) celebrated its 50th anniversary. The crème de la crème of the Dutch and international music scene appeared on this legendary TV show which aired initially on AVRO channel between September 22nd, 1970 and June 27th, 1988. Among the most notorious performers on the show were ABBA, Bee Gees, Boney M. Blondie, David Bowie, BZN, Dire Straits, Dolly Dots, Marianne Faithful, Golden Earring, Whitney Houston, The Jacksons, Janet Jackson, Elton John, Grace Jones, Kool & The Gang, Madonna, Nena, The Police, Iggy Pop, Queen, Village People...

During Luv's heyday (1977 - 1980), the trio appeared 29 times on TopPop!!!

Source: AVROTROS/NPO 3, SKO, Martin Vink

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