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Pat's news: Shownieuws (incl. Charly, Jaimie & Glennis), Gerard Joling, Chantal Janzen, ESC

* On March 30th, RoddelPraat, a popular and satirical entertainment news show hosted by Dennis Schouten and Jan Roos on YouTube, revealed that the Dutch singer and actor Charly Luske had been unfaithful to his wife, media personality Tanja Jess. As a showbiz expert of SBS6's program "Shownieuws", Patty mentioned this issue. "I think it's sad that these people, who have a family with two children, are obliged to react to the gossips spread by RoddelPraat," the diva said. "Think about it: that's a problem between two persons. They try to solve it in private. Is it necessary to reveal it publicly?" she added.

* Earlier this month, Dutch celebrity Jaimie Vaes was interviewed on the entertainment news show "Reality FBI" on Instagram. She reacted to Patty Brard's recent comments about her ex, the controversial rapper Lil Kleine on "Shownieuws". Surprisingly, the former Luv' singer wanted to give the young man a second chance after a mea culpa video he posted on social media. When asked if her relationship with Lil Kleine was over, Jaimie answered: "Patty, my friend 🤣. Yes, we are surely not together anymore". On April 7th, Jaimie, a victim of domestic violence, gave another interview on BNNVARA/NPO 1's talk show "Khalid & Sophie" and criticized the Shownieuws team (including Patty): "I think it's a pity that certain media platforms choose sides. For example, Shownieuws uses information from his side to be accurate. It may be favouritism, but it's a tough situation, and it's so disappointing," she said.

Patty Brard Vs Jaimie Vaes

Patty responded to Jaimie's criticism on the April 7th edition of "Shownieuws", which drew 540.000 viewers (market share: 21%). "If somebody's looking for help, I'm always ready to say: "Let's see what happens first". I take my hat off to anyone who agrees to go into therapy and declares it publicly. Just as I take my hat off to Jaimie," La Brard told. "I don't support one camp in particular. I'm always on the woman's side. I have huge respect for what Jaimie did tonight...It would be great for their child if mom and dad were on speaking terms again," she added.

* The April 8th edition of De Telegraaf featured an article about Patty Brard visiting pop singer Gerard Joling at the hospital. The SBS6 star posted a picture of herself with the ill singer on Instagram. In early April, Joling was hospitalized due to pneumonia.

* On April 11th, Patty posted an Instagram video of the TV personality Chantal Janzen dressed like her as a Luv' singer. Chantal wore a wig inspired by Patty's haircut in the late 1970s and a costume inspired by Luv's Casanova outfit. The video was filmed backstage at RTL 4's game show "Oh, wat een jaar!" with the famous hairdresser and make-up artist Leco van Zadelhoff. Chantal taped an episode about the year 1979 when the Luv' ladies reached their peak internationally.

The fact that the TV host appeared as a Patty Brard lookalike may seem trivial and ironic. But last summer, Marga Scheide told Weekend magazine that she wanted Chantal (who is blonde like her) to portray her in a Luv' biopic whose script is in development.

* Patty appeared on yesterday's edition of "Shownieuws", which attracted 410.000 viewers (market share: 16.7%). One of the items she talked about was Glennis Grace's interview on SBS6's entertainment news show. Earlier this year, the talented singer was arrested after an incident in a Jumbo supermarket. Following her release from prison, she is now on tour through the Netherlands. Her tickets sales have declined due to her misbehaviour. The former finalist on "America's Got Talent" wants to rehabilitate her public image. After the broadcast of her interview during which Glennis tried to be soft, Patty declared: "there were lots of "Me, Myself and I's".

* The 2022 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Turin, Italy, between May 10th and May 14th. As a member of "Shownieuws", Patty is part of a jury that expresses its opinion about the ESC entries. Click here and here to watch the verdict of the Shownieuws jury. The videos are only available for Dutch viewers. La Brard is not a fan of the Australian entry: "Not the Same" by Sheldon Riley.

Source: Shownieuws (SBS6), SKO,, Patty Brard's Instagram account, De Telegraaf/Privé

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