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Chimène's news: Party / Privé / Column for Wendy / Gala for Stichting Beter Lopen / By Jeane Podcast

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2022

* Chimène van Oosterhout appeared on the cover of the August 31st issue of Party magazine. The media personality talked about her parents who recently died. After her breast cancer last year, her father passed away last Christmas. A couple of months ago, her mother died in Spain.

Party magazine also featured an article about Patty Brard expressing her sorrow about the latest turmoil in the Hazes family.

* The August 31st issue of Privé magazine features a picture of Chimène at the premiere of the movie "Hart op de Juiste Plek". Click here to read my article about this event posted on August 19th. Just before walking the red carpet, Chimène broke her mule and found gaffer tape to repair it.

* Chimène writes a monthly column for (Wendy van Dijk's online platform specialized in women's issues). Click here to read the text posted on August 27th. The former Luv' singer is a courageous lady. After all she's been through the last months (her cancer, her parents' death, the empty nest syndrome...), she wonders if she suffers from depression.

* Yesterday, Chimène hosted a fundraising gala for Stichting Beter Lopen, a foundation

which helps people with a physical disability to walk again. This event, organized by Liesbeth Mekkering van Velzen, raised € 160.000 and promoted the Lokomat, a robot-assisted walking therapy. The singer-pianist Aristakes Jessayan and the songstress Anita Meyer performed during this evening which took place at Hart van Holland, a venue in Nijkerk, the Netherlands.

Earlier this year, Chimène already attended another event to support the Lokomat. De Telegraaf published an article about this subject in its March 31st edition.

Aristakes Jessayan

Anita Meyer

Liesbeth Mekkering van Velzen & Chimène van Oosterhout

Here's a video from the Dutch local channel Nijkerk Nieuws about yesterday's gala:

* The lingerie brand "By Jeane" posted a video podcast with Chimène on its YouTube channel on June 9th. The larger-than-life celebrity discussed her life, her cancer, her hobbies and career on TV.

Source: Party, Privé, Marco Rens, WendyOnline, Chimène van Oosterhout on social media, Nijkerk Nieuws, By Jeane, YouTube...

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