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  • Photo du rédacteurRalph Ruiz

Chimène van Oosterhout & friends at the premiere of "Hart op de Juiste Plek"

Chimène van Oosterhout and her friends, media personality Tanja Luske-Jess and Cindy Dekker-Remeeus, attended the premiere of the film "Hart op de Juiste Plek" at the Tuschinski Movie Theatre in Amsterdam on August 15th. The movie was directed by Bob Wilbers and stars Stijn Fransen, Jasper Demollin, Jan Versteegh, Tanja Jess, Fenna Ramos and Irene Moors.

Just before walking the red carpet, Chimène broke her mule. The former Luv' singer found gaffer tape to repair her mule.

Source: Facebook (Cindy Dekker-Remeeus, Chimène van Oosterhout)


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