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Chimène van Oosterhout's latest media news

* On March 31st, Chimène van Oosterhout attended the release party of Susan Smit's latest book entitled "De wijsheid van de heks" (The wisdom of the witch) at the Orangery of Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam. Friends of the author and the press were present at this event.

Susan & Chimène

* Last week's issue of Story magazine features an article about Chimène. Click here to read an excerpt online. As a single mother, the former Luv' singer misses her 18-year old son Lyam who left her home several months ago. "He left the house six months ago, and that's a big deal. Besides Lyam, I also miss his girlfriend," she says. Lyam has been with Merlin for three and a half years. "The three of us spent a lot of time together, and I miss that. But what matters is Lyam's happiness," she adds. When it comes to love, Chimène has experienced many disappointments. Her relationship with Laurens, Lyam's father, ended shortly after the birth of their son. Olaf, for whom Chimène emigrated to Sweden, could not satisfy her.

"Recently, I met a man I liked. He told someone: "Chimène? No, she is too difficult". Well, that's not the case at all. If you want to be with me, you should not whine, lie or cheat," the multi-talented media personality explains.

* This latest issue of Party magazine features an interview with Chimène. The TV personality discusses her father's death, her present situation and the wealth of her ex, the businessman Laurens Last and the father of her son, Lyam. Earlier this year, Switzerland-based aseptic packaging provider SIG purchased flexible packaging company Scholle IPN (whose chairman and owner is Laurens) for an enterprise value of €1.36bn ($1.53bn) and an equity value of €1.05bn ($1.2bn). This acquisition made Laurens Last a billionaire. Here's how Chimène talks about her son, who has had two kinds of upbringing. "He grew up with me. He enjoys both worlds. The norms and values of his mother and the business mind of his father. He says: "I've had the best holidays with my mum". Kitesurfing, skiing...that's when we meet nice people and stay in pleasant hotels. Hotels that cost thousand euros a night, where he stays with his father, are not the most convivial. He is lucky to spend these moments". Chimène explains that her wealthy ex never helped her financially for their son's education. "Lyam is now an adult, and I have nothing to do with his father. Such rich people are put on a pedestal. Money makes them attractive. I am more interested in people's personalities," Chimène adds.

* Click here to read Chimène's latest column for (Wendy van Dijk's online platform specialized in women's issues). The ex-Luv' lady feels restless after her breast cancer and father's death but notices everyone feels the same.

* On April 8th, Chimène announced on social media that she had recorded a podcast for the lingerie brand "By Jeane". The broadcast will be available in May.

* The latest issue of Libelle magazine includes an article about Chimène with her friend, media personality Tanja Jess, illustrated with beautiful photographs. The ladies have so much in common and respect each other.

Recently, the controversial YouTube channel RoddelPraat revealed a private matter between Tanja and her husband, the Dutch singer and actor Charly Luske. As a showbiz expert of SBS6's program "Shownieuws", Patty Brard mentioned this issue. Chimène supported Tanja on Instagram.

* On April 19th, Chimène attended a performance of "TINA - De Tina Turner Musical" at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht, the Netherlands, to celebrate the birthday of her friend, Kitty van Engelen.

* Click here to read an article posted on De Telegraaf's website on March 31st. Chimène attended an event to promote the Lokomat, a robot-assisted walking therapy.

Chimène van Oosterhout, Benjamin Besselsen of Liffin Houses, Isabel Mora of Hybris and Derck Mekkering of Noray Fashion Tech

* Yesterday, Chimène posted a beautiful photo of herself with her son on Instagram. The two of them did a photoshoot for the jewellery brand "Buddha to Buddha" as part of a "Mother's Day" campaign.

Source: Chimène van Oosterhout on social media (Facebook, Instagram), Marco Rens, Story, Party, Libelle, De Telegraaf, By Jeane, Buddha to Buddha

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