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You're In The Pocket & You Stole A Little Piece Of My Heart by Patty Brard: 40th anniversary

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Forty years ago precisely, as she made her TV debut as a co-host of the Candid Camera-like program "De Bananasplit Show" with Ralf Inbar on TROS/Nederland 1, Patty Brard released her second solo album "You're In The Pocket". Two singles taken from the LP, "You Stole A Little Peace Of My Heart" and "Never My Love", came out as singles. None of these records entered the record charts despite the involvement of talented American session musicians.


In early February 1981, more than a half year after she left Luv', Patty's debut solo single, the soft pop-rock song "Hold On To love", came out as a single. The track, written by Barry Richards and Bobby Hart of the Boyce and Hart duo that wrote hits for The Monkees, was the lead single from the album All the Way, which was released later.

Patty's partner, the wealthy Italian music publisher and record producer Carlo Nasi could afford the crème de la crème of sessions musicians in the best studios in Los Angeles for his lover. Among these sought-after professionals were:

  • Richard Page who later formed the rock band Mr. Mister (known for the world hit Broken Wings) and who recorded background vocals.

  • Keyboard player Billy Preston who worked with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

  • Percussionist Paulinho da Costa who later collaborated on Michael Jackson's Thriller (the best-selling album of all time) and Madonna's True Blue (Miss Ciccone's most popular LP).

"Hold on to love" peaked at #19 on the Dutch Top 40 and #14 on the Nationale Hitparade (currently Single Top 100) in the Netherlands. It reached #4 on the BRT Top 30 and #7 on the Ultratop in Belgium as well as #12 on the South African Springbok Radio chart.

The "All This Way" album reached Nr. 35 on the "Nationale Hitparade LP Top 50 in Holland.

Patty's solo success in the music marketplace was short-lived and couldn't surpass Luv's international prestige.

In November 1982, Dutch magazine Muziek Expres published an article about José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Patty Brard.

Muziek Expres - November 1982

At the time, José was the former Luv' singer who was the most successful as a solo artist. In the summer of 1982, her cover version of Peggy March's pop classic "I Will Follow Him" was a chart-topper in the Netherlands and Belgium . The follow-up single "Secret Love" (a cover version of a Doris Day's song) was also popular on the charts: #11 on the Dutch Top 40 and #3 on the Flemish BRT Top 30.

As for Patty, she recorded the album "You're In The Pocket" with prestigious session musicians in LA, including:

  • the drummer Vinnie Colaiuta who recorded and toured with Frank Zappa, Joni Mitchell, and Sting,

  • the guitarist Jamie Glaser who worked with Bryan Adams, Jean-Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, The Manhattan Transfer, Lenny White, and Gloria Trevi.

  • the bass player Reggie McBride who collaborated with Elton John, Rod Stewart, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tom Jones, Van Morrison, Eric Burdon, Rick Springfield, Lyle Lovett, Ziggy Marley, Rickie Lee Jones, Cher, Herbie Hancock, Al Jarreau, John Lee Hooker, B.B. King.

Patty Brard & Carlo Nasi produced the "You're In The Pocket' album. American songwriter and keyboard player Richard Gibbs arranged it. He was a renowned session player who performed for artists as diverse as War, Tom Waits, Boy Meets Girl, Living in a Box, Robert Palmer, and Aretha Franklin. Patty's little brother, Robert, worked as an engineer assistant on the album. The LP included the cover version of a Phil Spector classic "Be My Baby" (made famous by The Ronettes in 1963). José Hoebee and Anny Schilder recorded their version of this song in 2009.

"What matters in America is being professional. I've been working hard on my second LP for eight months. This time I wanted to write songs and it took time to do it. This record is finished, and I'm very enthusiastic about it. Frank Zappa's drummer, Ricky Lee Jones' bass player and Jean-Luc Ponty's guitarist helped me. A super trio! The music is different from what people expect from me. New wave and lots of rock'n roll," Patty told Muziek Expres.

'The LP received a warm welcome in several countries, including England. In these territories, the record comes out earlier than in the Netherlands. Do you know what bothers me? People think I don't release it due to José's success. Everybody expects competition between Marga, José and me. José's popularity is due to a trick of her producer who imitates Luv's sound," Patty added.

The "You're In The Pocket" album and its lead single "You Stole A Little Piece of My Heart" were released on January 26th, 1983, almost simultaneously as Patty's debut as a TV presenter on De Bananasplit Show. The media and the public largely ignored Patty's records as the TROS hidden camera show she co-hosted with Ralf Inbar overshadowed her music activities.

The singer and TV personality told Limburgsch Dagblad in its January 28th, 1983 edition: "For the first time, I wrote songs for this LP which is supposed to change my image of an ex-Luv' member. I want to be considered an artist. It's difficult to get rid of this image. I don't want to be presented as a former Luv' singer. This new LP is something totally different. It's pure rock'n roll. On Toppop, they were surprised by my new material. They asked me: "Wow! What happened to you in a year?". "I want to make music that I love," I answered them. A big Los Angeles radio station is promoting the album's lead single because they love it. That's the sign that the media should stop presenting me as an ex-Luv' lady".

Limburgsch dagblad - January 28th, 1983

Click here to read the article online

On February 6th, You Stole A Little Peace Of My Heart, written by Tim Camponeschi, premiered on AVRO's TopPop on February 6th, 1983.

Limburgsch dagblad - Februrary 5th, 1983

Patty Brard's You Stole A Little Piece Of My Heart on AVRO's TopPop on February 6th, 1983

Music video for "You Stole A Little Piece Of My Heart"

A second single from "You're In The Pocket", "Never My Love" was released shortly afterwards. Patty performed it on De Bananasplit Show.

Chart performance

You're In The Pocket and the two singles taken from it, You Stole A Little Piece Of My Heart and Never My Love, didn't enter the record charts.


Patty Brard's second solo LP "You're In The Pocket" came out in various editions - depending on which countries the release took place (Ultraphone in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, F1 Team in Italy, RCA Victor in Mexico, Artisan Sound Recorders in USA.).

The album was never released on CD but is available on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer.

German edition of You're In The Pocket

Track listing

A side:

You Stole A Piece Of My Heart (Tim Camponeschi) - 3:01

Be My Baby (Phil Spector, Ellie Greenwich, Jeff Barry) - 2:45

Oh Girl (Tim Camponeschi, Patty Brard) - 3:02

You're In The Pocket (Richards Gibbs) - 3:27

He's Gone (Tim Camponeschi) - 3:13

B side:

Shut Up And Dance (Tim Camponeschi, Robert Fallin) - 3:26

History (Richards Gibbs) - 3:10

Never My Love (Don Addrisi, Dick Addrisi) - 3:02

Just A Tease (Richards Gibbs, Carlo Nasi, Patty Brard) - 2:56

Easy Love (Patty Brard, Carlo Nasi, Lenny Macaluso) - 3:55


Produced by Carlo Nasi, Patty Brard

Arranged by Richard Gibbs

Mastered by Brian Ingoldsby

Mixed by Brian Levi, Carlo Nasi, Patty Brard

Lead Vocals - Patty Brard

Acoustic Guitar [Additional] – Michael Levin

Acoustic Guitar, Guitar – Jamie Glaser

Backing Vocals – Carlo Nasi, Deniece Kelly, Linda Gibbs, Patty Brard, Richard Gibbs, Richard Page, Scott Breadman, Steve George, Tom Kelly, Willem Wagemaker

Bass – Reggie McBride

Bass [Additional] – Neil Stubenhouse

Drums – Vinnie Colaiuta

Engineers – Brian Ingoldsby, Brian Levi, Joe Beniche

Engineers [Assistants] – Rainer Brünings, Robert Brard

Engineer [Remix] – Mitch Gibson

Guitar [Additional] – Carlo Nasi

Keyboards – Richard Gibbs

Percussion – Scott Breadman

Remix – Joe Chiccarelli

Saxophone – Doug Norwine

* You Stole A Little Piece Of My Heart (single) released on January 26th, 1983

  • A side: You Stole A Little Piece Of My Heart (Tim Camponeschi) - 3:01

  • B side: Just A Tease (Richards Gibbs, Carlo Nasi, Patty Brard) - 2:56

Dutch edition

German edition

* Never My Love (single) - released in 1983

A side; Never My Love (D. Adrissi, D. Adrissi) - 3:02

B side: Oh, Girl (Tim Camponeschi, Patty Brard) - 3:02

Dutch edition

Italian edition

*Source: Luv' weblog archives,, Discogs, 45cat, YouTube, Toen gisteren nog vandaag was

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