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"One, Two, Three...Bananas" by Marga & Deuce: 40th anniversary

Dernière mise à jour : 14 oct. 2022

Thanks Marco Rens for the photos

Photo by Govert de Roos

Forty years ago precisely, on October 13th, 1982, Marga Scheide released the pop single "One, Two, Three...Bananas" with twin sisters Clari and Anja Horsmeier known as "Deuce". After Patty Brard and José Hoebee, she was the last to try her luck musically outside of Luv'. Let's celebrate the 40th anniversary of this underestimated record.

Photo by Govert de Roos


The release of "One, Two, Three...Bananas" happened after two years of turmoil in Luv' land.

In July 1980, after a short and intense period of international mainstream success, Patty Brard suddenly left the group and escaped to Los Angeles to live with the Italian music publisher and record producer Carlo Nasi. Photo model Ria Thielsch replaced her. The idea was to hire her for some shows as the trio had legal obligations. In mid-September 1980, when it became clear that Patty would not come back, Ria was allowed to stay in Luv'. The announcement of Ria as a permanent Luv' member was on the front page of the Dutch most-read newspaper De Telegraaf in its September 16th, 1980 edition.

Luv' 1980 line-up: José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Ria Thielsch

Luv's new line-up was popular. The pop song "My Number One" was a Top 5 single in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium). The album entitled "Forever Yours" was a big-selling record in the Low Countries.

Luv' performing My Number One on the German TV show "Musikladen" - November 13th, 1980

On the surface, Luv' seemed to be back for good. However, tensions between the girls appeared rapidly. Marga Scheide became overworked and suffered from burnout. On December 18th, 1980, De Telegraaf published an article about the blonde singer who fainted during the rehearsals for the TV show Popcorn. She had to be on sick leave until February 1st, 1981. The internal problems within the group, the media circus around the ladies' privacy and a hectic agenda explained Marga's ill health. Once again, Luv' were inactive. The ladies had to cancel all their TV performances and other plans even though their records did well on the charts.

De Telegraaf - December 18th, 1980

Click here to read the article online

Marga's situation didn't improve. The blonde Luv' singer was supposed to be back in business in February 1981. After weeks of inactivity, she tried to work again with José and Ria but she was ill again. The group had to cancel three performances on French TV hastily. Luv' was in danger and the end was near.

De Telegraaf - February 24th, 1981

Click here to read the article online

In the meantime, Patty Brard was the first to go solo. She put out her debut single "Hold On To Love" in February 1981. This record peaked at #19 on the Dutch Top 40 and #14 on the Nationale Hitparade (currently Single Top 100) in the Netherlands. It reached the 4th position on the BRT Top 30 in Belgium and the 12th position on the South African singles chart.

Patty Brard in 1981 during the "Hold On To Love" era

In an article published on March 3rd, 1981 in Het Vrije Volk, journalist Louis Du Moulin wrote that Luv's break-up was about to be announced. In the following days, the Dutch press (including Nieuwsblad van het Noorden Leeuwarder courant, Limburgsch dagblad, Algemeen Dagblad, De Telegraaf, Algemeen Dagblad and Hitkrant) confirmed the dissolution of Holland's greatest girl group.

Het vrije volk - March 3rd, 1981

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Shortly after Luv's demise, Marga, who used to be a sought-after photo model, told the teen magazine Hitkrant that she wanted to work in the fashion industry again.

Hitkrant - April 16th, 1981

Luv' creator, Hans van Hemert, wrote and produced a single entitled "Tick-a-thumps my heart" for the female pop trio "Babe". The song reached the Top 20 in the Netherlands and Belgium in the summer of 1981. Marga and José secretly provided vocals on this track. Moreover, Marga was also in charge of Babe's styling.

De Telegraaf - June 9th, 1981

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Marga & Babe

Hitkrant 1981

On June 18th, 1981, Marga, José and Ria caused a sensation when they took part in the Hitkrant's zomerspelen (a summer multi-sport event with celebrities which was sponsored by Hitkrant magazine) at the Efteling theme park. On that occasion, a handprint ceremony with the girls was organized for the official launch of Efteling's latest attraction: the "Python" roller coaster.

Het Vrije Volk - June 19th, 1981

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TROS DJ Hugo van Gelderen started to play Luv's track "Tingalingaling" often on the radio. This uptempo post-disco and synthpop song was taken from the group's last studio album "Forever Yours". It was so popular among the listeners and fans that CNR/Carrere Records decided to release it as a single. On July 14th, 1981, Marga, José and Ria took part in a photo shoot in the garden of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel.

Luv' in the garden of the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel (1981)

To the public's great surprise, Luv' made a farewell performance on July 22nd 1981, on Veronica's TV show "Nederland Muziekland". The program was taped in Spakenburg, Netherlands. The ladies lip-synced "Tingalingaling". Luv's so-called 'final' single peaked at #29 on the Dutch Top 40 and #15 on the Nationale Hitparade in Holland in August 1981. The compilation "Goodbye Luv" (including the repertoire from 1979 to 1981) came out in September 1981 and marked the end of a short and intense success story.

Luv' receiving flowers after their so-called farewell performance on Nederland Muziekland (1981)

On August 27th, 1981, Marga and other Dutch celebrities took part in a Willem Ruis' show on VARA channel.

The September 22nd, 1981 edition of De Telegraaf featured an article about the opening of John de Mol's new office for his artist management company. As John's partner, Marga was present at this event as well as other celebrities (including Spargo, Willem Ruis, Blue Diamonds, Mike Burstyn and Gaby Lang). "This place is so big that I would like to start a rehearsal studio. I'd like to mentor new talents and teach them how to move," Marga said.

De Telegraaf - September 22nd, 1981

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In December 1981, it was José's turn to go solo. She released the single entitled "I'm So Sorry" which was a minor hit. José had a helping hand from Marga Scheide for her styling.

Producer Pim Koopman, José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and songwriter Piet Souer at the release party of "I'm so sorry" in late November 1981

Hitkrant - December 17th, 1981

"I'm so sorry" failed to break into the Dutch Top 40 but reached #39 on the Nationale Hitparade.

José performing "I'm so sorry" on Veronica's program "Nederland Muziekland" on December 5th, 1981. She wore a leather outfit designed by Marga.

Although Marga didn't want to sing unlike Patty and José, she made one exception to the rule. On December 31st, 1981, NOS broadcast the New Year's Eve show "Oud en nieuw in de veiling" featuring Conny Vandenbos, Marga and José. The two former Luv' singers performed "'t Is Genoeg", Netherlands' entry at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965, originally performed by Conny Vandenbos.

Marga & José on "Oud en nieuw in de veiling" (1981)

On May 28th, 1982, Dutch newspaper Limburgsch Dagblad published an article about Marga. The beautiful blonde revealed that she wanted to sing again but she preferred to do it with a group.

Limburgsch Dagblad - May 28th, 1982

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José's solo career took off concurrently with the follow-up record to "I'm So Sorry". Her single "I Will Follow Him" (originally performed by Little Peggy March) hit the number-one spot in the Netherlands and Belgium in July 1982. It sold 100.000 copies in Benelux. Her next single "Secret Love" (a cover version of a Doris Day classic) was released in September 1982 and peaked at #11 on the Dutch Top 40 and #3 on the Flemish BRT Top 30.

Photo by Govert de Roos (1982) - edited by Marco Rens

In August 1982, journalist Henk van der Meyden covered for De Telegraaf the 60th birthday party of Dutch comedian Jan Blaaser that Marga and other celebrities attended. Van der Meyden wrote that "in late September a solo single of Marga with a backing group would come out".

De Telegraaf - August 17th, 1982

Click here to read the article online

In its September 13th, 1982 edition, De Telegraaf gave more details about her music project. "Former Luv' singer Marga Scheide is busy again. Last weekend, she recorded a new single with Piet Souer. Marga is the only Luv' singer who hasn't sung yet. Whereas Patty and José started with solo careers, Marga doesn't sing alone. She performs with the beautiful Deuce twin sisters. A female trio. "But it's not a new Luv', according to Marga's partner John de Mol. Deuce sing the backup vocals. Marga doesn't want to sing on her own," Henk van der Meyden wrote.

De Telegraaf - September 13th, 1982

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On October 13th, 1982, Polydor put out "One, Two, Three...Bananas" by Marga & Deuce. Piet Souer (who co-wrote Luv' hits with Hans van Hemert) penned the song and produced it.

To prepare this article, I asked Marga what she remembered about this single. Here's what she told me: "When I went solo, I wanted to work with Piet Souer. I've always enjoyed his songs. I liked "One, Two, Three...Bananas" very much. Piet also appreciated it. The record company suggested I collaborated with Deuce. Such a partnership is common practice in the music industry. It was supposed to be a win-win situation. The Deuce girls were waiting for a breakthrough and I'd already been famous with Luv'. My work with them was nice and the girls were very friendly. But we didn't promote the single very much and we never had the opportunity to have a special bond. What a pity!"

Twin sisters Clari and Anja Horsmeier were members of Deuce. Before they collaborated Marga, they made their debut on television on the TROS/Nederland 1 special "We Love You" with four well-established girl groups (Doris D. & The Pins, Dolly Dots, Babe, and Maywood). Ron Brandsteder (Patty Brard's ex-husband) hosted the show, broadcast on May 30th, 1981, which celebrated the "girl groups" phenomenon in the Netherlands. The fans of Dutch female pop music missed Luv' that were the ones who started this craze.

Photo edited by Marco Rens

Top row (from left to right):

Anita Heilker (Dolly Dots), Deborah Jenner (Doris D & The Pins), Ria Brieffies (Dolly Dots), Karien de Vries (Maywood), Clari Horsmeier (Deuce), Margot van der Ven (Babe), Alice de Vries (Maywood), Rita van Rooy (Babe), Patty Zomer (Dolly Dots), Ingrid de Goede (Doris D & The Pins), Gemma van Eck (Babe), Angela Groothuizen (Dolly Dots)

Bottom row (from left to right):

Yvonne Mehagnol (Doris D & The Pins), Angela Kramers (Dolly Dots), Irene Verhoeve (Doris D & The Pins), Anja Horsmeier (Deuce), Esther Oosterbeek (Dolly Dots), Donna Baron (Doris D & The Pins)

Following this TV special, WEA (that put out Dolly Dots records) released the soundtrack of the program entitled "Ladies Night (We Love You)" on vinyl and cassette in the Netherlands and Belgium. Although Luv' didn't appear on the program, two of their hits (My Number One and Ooh, Yes I Do) were included in this compilation. Despite their participation in the TV show "We Love You", Deuce were not included in the album of the same name which entered the Nationale Hitparade LP Top 50 (currently Dutch Album Top 100) at #38 on July 4th, 1981, peaked at #17 on August 22nd, 1981 and stayed 8 weeks on the hit parade.

Polydor released Deuce's debut single "Always and Ever" in May 1981.

Tracklisting - release

On October 13th, 1982, Polydor released Marga & Deuce's single "One, Two, Three...Bananas".

Front cover of Marga & Deuce's record

  • A side: One, Two, Three ... Bananas (Piet Souer) - 3:40

  • B side: Ooh, He Did It (Martin Duiser, Piet Souer) - 3:00


Vocals: Marga Scheide (lead vocals), Clari and Anja Horsmeier (background vocals)

Arranged by Hans Hollestelle

Engineer: Roland Prent

Produced by Piet Souer

Management: Total Management

Back Cover

One, Two, Three...Bananas by Marga & Deuce - Video by Marco Rens

Ooh, He Did It by Marga & Deuce - Video by Marco Rens

Commercial performance

"One, Two, Three ... Bananas" didn't enter the record charts. Later it achieved cult status among Luv' fans. This song appeared as a bonus track on the double CD compilation "25 Jaar Na Waldolala" (that celebrated the 25th anniversary of Luv's breakthrough hit "U.O.Me" in 2003).

TV and radio appearances

Marga & Deuce performed their track on Veronica's iconic TV show "Nederland Muziekland" in October 1982:

Marga & Deuce on Nederland Muziekland

Marga & Deuce backstage at Nederland Muziekland

Article in Hitkrant following Marga & Deuce's appearance on Nederland Muziekland (1982)

Marga & Deuce sang their song live on the NCRV radio show "Los Vast" on October 30th, 1982 in Barneveld, the Netherlands. One crucial witness of this performance is Marco Rens with whom I update several fan pages on Facebook (Official Luv', Marga Scheide, José Hoebee's Fan Page and Ria Thielsch Fan Zone : Forever Yours).

Photos by Marco Rens:

Marga & Deuce on Los Vast

Marco Rens & Marga Scheide

Marga's partnership with Deuce was short-lived. On February 23rd, 1983, the Horsmeier sisters took part in the Nationaal Songfestival (Dutch preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest). They sang two tracks "Computer games" and "Stopwatch" which finished 6th and 9th respectively.

Stopwatch by Deuce - released by Polydor in 1983

Stopwatch performed at the Nationaal Songfestival in 1983

Computer games at the Nationaal Songfestival in 1983

After her brief partnership with Deuce, Marga later recorded solo singles. But that's another story...

Source: Luv' blog archives,,,, YouTube, Marco Rens

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