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Patty Brard's 40th anniversary as a TV presenter

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Patty Brard will always be remembered as a former member of Luv', but the Dutch public also knows her as a TV personality. Forty years ago precisely, on January 25th, 1983, the diva made her TV debut as a co-host of the Candid Camera-like program "De Bananasplit Show" with Ralf Inbar on TROS/Nederland 1. The program was a huge success in Holland and Belgium. Some episodes peaked at seven million viewers!

Here's the story of Miss Brard on the small screen.

In July 1980, Patty Brard took everybody by surprise when she suddenly left Luv', the Dutch girl group which made her a household name worldwide. The Luv' singers scored hit after hit (including You're the Greatest Lover (1978), Trojan Horse (1978), Casanova (1979) and Ooh, Yes I Do (1979) in eighteen countries. They collected 14 gold and platinum records in a couple of years (1978-1980). The beautiful Indo-Dutch celebrity escaped to Los Angeles to live there with Carlo Nasi, an Italian music publisher, record producer and member of the wealthy Agnelli family (founders of FIAT).

In early February 1981, Patty's debut solo single, the soft pop-rock song "Hold On To love", came out as a single. The track, written by Barry Richards and Bobby Hart of the Boyce and Hart duo that wrote hits for The Monkees, was the lead single from the album All the Way, which was released later.

Carlo Nasi could afford the crème de la crème of sessions musicians in the best studios in LA for his lover. Among these sought-after professionals were:

  • Richard Page who later formed the rock band Mr. Mister (known for the world hit Broken Wings) and who recorded background vocals.

  • Keyboard player Billy Preston who worked with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.

  • Percussionist Paulinho da Costa who later collaborated on Michael Jackson's Thriller (the best-selling album of all time) and Madonna's True Blue (Miss Ciccone's most popular LP).

"Hold on to love" peaked at #19 on the Dutch Top 40 and #14 on the Nationale Hitparade (currently Single Top 100) in the Netherlands. It reached #4 on the BRT Top 30 and #7 on the Ultratop in Belgium as well as #12 on the South African Springbok Radio chart.

The "All This Way" album reached Nr. 35 on the "Nationale Hitparade LP Top 50 in Holland.

Patty's solo success in the music marketplace was short-lived and couldn't surpass Luv's international prestige. The follow-up records to "Hold On To Love" all flopped despite Carlo Nasi's crucial support. The enfant terrible of Dutch showbiz had to reinvent herself. Television would be her salvation.

Patty was supposed to debut as a TV host in late 1981 by presenting the music show "Popcorn" on KRO. This project didn't materialize as the TV channel could not fulfil her high financial demands. That's why Luv's rivals, the Dolly Dots, replaced her on Popcorn.

De Telegraaf - December 29th, 1981

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De Bananasplit Show (1983-1985)

A year later, the Dutch press announced that Patty would present a hidden camera show for TROS. The program was supposed to be called "Candid Camera" and was meant to be a follow-up to Bananasplit, which included pranks from American TV. Ralf Inbar wanted to improve the hidden camera program and film Dutch pranks.

Actresses Lucy Visser and Kees ter Bruggen were among those who auditioned for the TROS show.

Algemeen Dagblad - November 12th, 1982

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TV director Ralf Inbar gave more details in the November 24th, 1982 edition of De Telegraaf about his collaboration with Patty Brard. The program was renamed "De Bananasplit Show". Holland's most-read newspaper wondered if Ralf and Patty would become a duo on television. Miss Brard's baptism of fire as a TV host was meant to take place on December 14th, 1982. Ralf had every confidence in the young and ambitious woman. "Patty looks good. She has charisma and communicates well with people. She has the potential to become a TV presenter," Ralf said.

De Telegraaf - November 24th, 1982

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The December 10th, 1982 edition of Het Parool revealed that the first episode of De Bananasplit Show was postponed to January 25th, 1983, due to problems between TROS and Inbar.

Het Parool - December 10th, 1982

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Nieuwsblad van het Noorden - December 14th, 1982

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Days before the first broadcast of De Bananasplit Show, the Dutch press published articles about Patty Brard's challenge on television.

De Telegraaf - January 22nd, 1983

De Telegraaf - January 22nd, 1983 (part 2)

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Leuwarder Courant - January 24th, 1983

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Algemeen Dagblad - January 25th, 1983

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Bananasplit's first episode was a huge success in the Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), drawing 6,8 million viewers. TROS was so satisfied by these excellent viewing figures that the TV channel ordered other episodes.

Limburgsch dagblad - January 28th, 1983

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Algemeen Dagblad - March 1st, 1983

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De Bananasplit Show - 2nd episode on March 1st, 1983

De Telegraaf reported that Ralf Inbar & Patty Brard's Bananasplit was the most successful TV show of the first quarter of 1983.

De Telegraaf - April 26th, 1983: De Bananasplit Show, the Dutch most-watched TV show of the first quarter of 1983: more than 7 million viewers!

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De Telegraaf - June 15th, 1983: De Bananasplit Show : #1 on the Top 25 most-watched TV shows (6.9000.000 viewers)

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Patty Brard & Ralf Inbar: Bananasplit's golden duo

Patty was active on De Bananasplit Show until 1985.

Sanremo Music Festival (1985)

Pippo Baudo & Patty Brard

After Bananasplit, Patty tried her luck on Italian television. On February 7th, 8th and 9th 1985, she co-hosted with Pippo Baudo the "Sanremo Music Festival" which attracted 15 to 20 million viewers on RAI Uno. Because of her connections with her husband's family (the influential Nasi-Agnellis) and the composer and lyricist Alberto Testa, Miss Brard (who was unknown in Italy) had the privilege to present this legendary music show. Her appearance on a high-rated TV program was part of the strategy to organize her breakthrough in Dante's country. The ex-Luv' lady did not achieve her goal. Shortly after the festival, she didn't build a career in Italy.

De Telegraaf - January 25th, 1985

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Patty's presence at the Sanremo Festival generated publicity in the Italian press.

The Sanremo Festival was a painful experience for La Brard. In 2014, she appeared on Linda de Mol's talk show Linda's Zomerweek on RTL 4 and told how her recruitment happened. "I lived in LA. Alberto Testa (a friend of my former husband) asked me to present the Sanremo Festival. I told him that I didn't speak Italian. I had to learn it in one month. I was selected from 300 beautiful applicants because of my humour...It was a difficult experience. Pippo Baudo (a kind of half Berlusconi) was very irritating," the diva said.

Patty on her "Sanremo" experience on RTL 4's talk show Linda's Zomerweek (2014)

In 1996, Carlo Nasi discussed Patty's participation in the festival on Bart de Graaff's TV show "Onder de B van Brard". "If I had to go back, I would suggest not to do it. She was the first non-Italian host of Sanremo, and that created a big, big problem," he explained.

Bingo: brief appearance on Flemish TV (1986-1987)

In October 1986, La Brard started to co-host "Bingo", a Flemish music chart program on BRT in Belgium. Pé Vermeersch, Paul de Groeve and Bart Peeters were the other presenters of Bingo.

The October 12th, 1986 issue of Flemish magazine Joepie featured an article about the Bingo team.

David Bowie's interview with Patty Brard on Bingo (1987)

In June 1987, BRT fired Patty Brard. "Her musical knowledge was too limited, and her interviews were not great," Bingo producer Tom Huybrechts said about Patty in the June 16th, 1987 edition of Limburgsch Dagblad.

The RTL years (1989-2006)

October 2nd, 1989, saw the launch of the first commercial channel created in Holland: "RTL Veronique" and Patty's return to television. Miss Brard was one of the first TV hosts who appeared on RTL Véronique (renamed RTL 4 in March 1990) to present the hidden camera TV show "Gaan met die banaan". Patty's program had similarities to Bananasplit and had a promising start. It drew 610.000 viewers and was RTL Veronique's most-watched show on the channel's first evening. But rapidly, the show experienced a drop in viewership. In March 1990, RTL cancelled it due to disappointing viewing figures but kept on rerunning old episodes until 1991.

De Telegraaf - October 2nd, 1989

Het vrije volk - October 4th, 1989

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Gaan met die banaan - RTL Veronique (RTL 4) in 1989 and 1990

Patty Brard on Gaan Met Die Banaan

It took Patty several years to host her own TV show again. After her bankruptcy in 1993, she appeared again on the small screen with programs in which she interviewed celebrities and unknowns (Hart van de stad (RTL 4, 1995), Brard gaat extreem (RTL 5, 1995), Onder de B van Brard (RTL 5, 1996), Brard gaat extreem (Veronica, 1997–1998), Brard (Veronica, 1997–1998), Patty (Veronica, 1999), Patty gaat extreem (Veronica, 1999). These shows were appreciated by the viewers and put the TV personality back in the spotlight.

Interview with Sylvia Kristel on "Onder de K van Kristel" (1996, RTL 5) - Part 1

Onder de K van Kristel (1996, RTL 5) - Part 2

Patty's interview with Marilyn Manson (late 1998 - early 1999)

In 2000 and 2001, she interviewed VIPs in her house on "Absolutely Patty". Later that year, she hosted the third edition of "Big Brother" on Yorin.

Patty interviewing celebrities, including Lionel Richie and Liz Mitchell on Absolutely Patty (2000)

"Big Brother - The Battle" (2001)

From 2003 to 2006, she starred in a string of reality shows: "Patty's Posse" (which featured her privacy and drew 800.000 to 1 million viewers), "Patty's Fort" (including Marga Scheide and Chimène van Oosterhout and unfairly known as the "Klysma show" because of a segment showing Miss Brard having an enema), "Pat's Life", "Lieve Patty" and "Back In Luv'" (which dealt with Luv's reunion).

Patty, René Muthert & Priscilla Nasi on "Patty's Posse" (2003)

Smile: theme from "Patty's Posse" (2003)

Marga Scheide and Patty Brard on Patty's Fort (2004)

Lieve Patty: opening credit (2005)

Luv' on "Back in Luv" (2006)

Back in Luv' on RTL 5 (Holland) and VTM (Belgium) in 2006

Patty's resurrection on SBS6 (2007 - 2011)

Patty's funny performance on SBS6 's figure skating competition "Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs" in January 2007 was a heavily covered media event and relaunched her TV career.

Patty on "Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs" (2007)

After a stop-and-go partnership with RTL Nederland for 15 years, Patty signed a contract with SBS and was involved in several shows:

* "Shownieuws" (an entertainment news program she co-hosted with Viktor Brand from February 2007 to May 2011).

Viktor Brand & Patty Brard on Shownieuws

Viktor Brand's farewell from Shownieuws (2012)

* "De Nieuwe Uri Geller" (the Dutch version of the Israeli paranormal talent contest "The Successor" (which was high in the ratings in 2008-2009). She was a regular guest on the first season, co-hosted the second season with Tooske Ragas and the third edition with Beau van Erven Dorens. She was also part of a jury on the 2010 edition.

Hayashi's Greatest Moments on De Nieuwe Uri Geller, including the cucumber act with Patty (2008)

Patty and Luv' take part in the act of Flemish mentalist Vincent - broadcast date: February 27th, 2009

* "Wie Ben Ik?": She was a team captain on this game show with Gerard Joling in 2008 and 2009.

Wie Ben Ik? - Luv' compete against De Toppers - broadcast date: September 20th, 2008

* "K2 zoekt K3", a talent show with Patty on the jury whose aim was to search the new member of Flemish girl group K3.

K2 Zoekt K3 (2009)

The jury of K2 Zoekt K3: Miguel Wiels, Axana Ceulemans, Patty Brard and Marc Forno

* The second season of "Coming to Holland: Prins zoekt vrouw", the Dutch version of "Undercover Princes" aired between November 2010 and January 2011.

In April 2011, Sanoma and Talpa took over SBS Nederland. One month later, Patty's deal was not extended. In September and October 2001, the "enfant terrible of Dutch showbiz" appeared on RTL 4's popular reality show "Diva's draaien door" with Patricia Paay and Tatjana Simic.

Patricia, Patty & Tatjana on "Diva's Draaien Door" (2011)

La Brard's participation in SBS6's celebrity diving competition "Sterren Springen op Zaterdag" caused a sensation in late August 2012 and put her in the limelight again. Her failed dive was used as a publicity stunt to promote "Celebrity Splash" (the international name of "Sterren Springen") and to sell the format to 25 TV networks around the world.

January 2013 saw Patty's comeback on "Shownieuws" as a showbiz expert. At that time, the diva worked as a freelance TV host for RTL 5 (on reality shows "Wie is de Reisleider?", "Echte Meisjes op de Prairie" and "Lust, Liefde Of Laten Lopen") and SBS6 (on "Shownieuws" and as a judge on the ski jumping competition "Vliegende Hollanders: Sterren van de Schans").

Patty's second wave on SBS6 (2013 - 2017)

From late August 2013 to late August 2017, Patty had an exclusive contract with SBS6. In addition to the popular "Shownieuws", she scored a string of hits and flops on the channel:

  • Show Vandaag (2013-2014) - infotainment program.

  • Bonje Met de Buren (2014–2016) - a reality show hosted with Jochem van Gelder to solve problems between neighbours.

  • Patty's Big Fat Ibiza Wedding (2014) - a reality show which showed the preparations for her wedding with Dutch architect Antoine van de Vijver.

  • Mindmasters Live (2015) - paranormal show featuring Uri Geller and Patty as a panellist.

  • Thuis op Zondag (2016) - Sunday talk show

  • Met de Deur in Huis (2016) - comedy panel game show hosted by Kees Tol and Tineke Schouten with Patty as a panellist.

  • De Wereld Rond In 6 Stappen (on SBS 6's sister channel Net 5, 2016) - reality program about the theory of "six degrees of separation" with Bridget Maasland.

  • Mud Masters VIP (2016) - challenging obstacle course based on military training with celebrities.

  • SBS Sterren Surprise (2016) - a Christmas program featuring TV personalities fulfilling people's dreams.

  • Stem van Nederland (2017) - a political program related to the general elections in the Netherlands.

Between September 2017 and March 2019, Patty freelanced again for several channels. During this period, her most significant TV projects were:

  • Het Perfecte Plaatje (RTL 4, 2018) - as a contestant and winner of this celebrity photo contest.

  • Brard & Jekel: VetGelukkig?! (NPO 3, 2018) - co-host with Diederik Jekel.

  • RTL Late Night met Twan Huys (featuring the entertainment news section "De Week van Patty", RTL 4, 2018-2019)

  • Dutch version of Hotter Than My Daughter (RTL 5 - 2019)

  • Expeditie Schoonmoeder (TLC, 2019)

In 2008 and from 2013 to 2018, Patty appeared as a regular panel member on BNN/NPO 3's panel game "Ranking the Stars", in addition to her career on SBS6.

Patty on Ranking The Stars

Patty's so-called renaissance on SBS6 (2019 - present)

Patty Brard signing a 4-year contract with TV director of Talpa Network Marco Louwerens on March 22nd, 2019

In March 2019, she signed a 4-year deal with Talpa TV, owner of SBS6, Net5, SBS9 and Veronica). This signature felt like revenge for the ex-Luv' singer after the Dutch media conglomerate got rid of her in 2017, considering her "not fruity and fresh anymore". In 2018, Patty underwent a gastric bypass and lost 40 kilos. This drastic weight loss was combined with a change in her public image. The once turbulent drama queen of Dutch showbiz (who always took advantage of every platform to criticize Luv') tried to change into a friendly and relaxed TV personality.

In 2020, Patty revealed in her best-selling biography that her contract stipulated that if she gained weight, she would be fired.

Since her return on SBS6, the TV shows hosted by Patty have been disappointing in terms of viewing figures:

  • The infotainment program "6 inside" (2019) was a complete failure.

  • The repair show "Zo Goed Als Nieuw" (2019) scored mediocre TV ratings (except for the episode featuring the Meiland family, whose presence boosted the program).

  • The celebrity figure skating competition "Dancing On Ice" (2019) had a promising start: the two first episodes were successful, but the next ones lost the ratings war against the other TV networks.

  • "Patty en Gordon op zoek naar de eeuwige jeugd" (2020) - a travel show featuring Gordon and Patty (in search of eternal youth), which reached unsatisfactory viewing figures. Shortly afterwards, the duo was supposed to co-host a talk show, but this project was shelved due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Patty's appearances on De 5 Uur Show (2020-2021) didn't improve its bad viewing figures.

  • De Dansmarathon (2021) -as a co-host with Jeroen van der Boom- scored insignificant TV ratings, except during the announcement of the winning dancing couple (Tawatha and Jermaine).

  • De Grote Huisverbouwing (2021-2022), a home renovation show, suffered the same fate as the above-mentioned TV projects.

At the moment, Shownieuws is the only program that keeps Patty active on TV regularly.

The diva's bad TV ratings happened in a particular context in the Dutch media. In June 2021, RTL Nederland and Talpa Network announced a merger plan pending approval by the European Commission and the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets. In the new conglomerate, RTL Nederland was to hold 70% of the shares and Talpa Holding 30%. Talpa Entertainment Productions and Talpa Concepts wouldn't be a part of the merger. Both parties reasoned that a merger was the only solution to an ever-growing presence of foreign media parties, giving space to a single commercial Dutch media company capable of producing specifically for the Dutch market. Critics, however, claimed that the failure of Talpa Network was the reason behind the merger.

In October 2021, Miss Brard said she was not afraid of the merger, which would cause dismissals. "I'm going with the flow. It's fine. Anyway, I enjoy what I do on SBS6. I have many other projects besides television, so I don't depend on this merger. In the past, I was very nervous about my career on TV. But now I am busy with other things," Patty told Party magazine.

In January 2022, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets stated that it could not approve the merger yet and that further investigation into the consequences of price, quality and innovation is necessary. Earlier this month, RTL Nederland and Talpa Network announced they wanted to divest the advertising sales of the Talpa channels to newspaper publisher Mediahuis Nederland. The two media companies hoped to get the green light from cartel watchdog ACM for their fervently desired merger.

On November 28th, 2022, Patty told RTL 4's infotainment program RTL Boulevard that she would not extend her contract with Talpa and confirmed she wanted to freelance again.

Patty has other strings to her bow in addition to television. The entertainer has connections with the music world and can release new music whenever she wants. Since February 2020, she has launched successful collections of panther-print household items at Kruidvat (a Dutch chain of drugstores). Since December, the multitalented media personality has interviewed celebrities for her podcast series "Patty's levenslessen" in association with Audiohuis.

So no one has to worry about Patty Brard's future after her contract with Talpa expires in March. The lady knows how to reinvent herself and can be proud of the longevity of her career on television. A pity she keeps on dissing Luv' which brought her fame and fortune.

Source: Luv' weblog archives, Wikipedia, De Krant van Toen, YouTube, Beeld En Geluid,

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