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Patty Brard on Shownieuws (January & February 2024)

Bart Ettekoven, Patty Brard & Dyantha Brooks backstage at Shownieuws on February 9th

Here are the latest viewing figures of SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws", featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert:

  • January 4th: 473.000 viewers/market share: 22.6%

  • January 5th: 516.000 viewers/market share: 20.8%

  • January 6th: 585.000 viewers/market share: 19.3%

  • January 7th: 519.000 viewers/market share: 23.4%

  • January 13th: 514.000 viewers/market share: 16%

  • January 14th: 521.000 viewers/market share: 25.4%

  • January 19th: 504.000 viewers/market share: 20.9%

  • January 20th: 482.000 viewers/market share: 15.2%

  • February 9th: to be communicated (*)

(*): The Dutch audience measurement company, Nationaal Media Onderzoek, publishes "total video audience data" with enhanced insights into what viewers watch, including in-home online video consumption and media behaviour on smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and computers in addition to regular TV viewing figures. The definitive viewing figures are communicated weekly.

Among the items Patty and her team discussed:

  • Miss Brard on Maxime Meiland's side (January 13th).

Dutch celebrity Maxime Meiland recently accused a man of having rapped her. Naysayers insinuated the young woman lied about these accusations. Patty, who met Maxime a few hours before Shownieuws' broadcast, defended the TV personality. "Maxime was very sad these days. The whole world accuses her of lying, but nothing has been proved yet," Patty said. The diva denounced the alleged abuser, who filed a complaint of defamation and slander. "What I find rather striking is that the alleged perpetrator seeks so much publicity that you also see him photographed when he goes to the ‘crime scene’ where it would have happened," the ex-Luv' singer added. This incident had serious consequences for the star of "Chateau Meiland". "Maxime was in tears and very sad after a deal with a brand was cancelled. This company doesn't want to associate with her. So this story is costing her a lot of money," Patty explained. La Brard confirmed that Peter Schouten, the lawyer of the alleged rapist, got in touch with her and that his client wanted to tell his version of the story. The Shownieuws expert refused this meeting.

  • Hélène Hendriks losing a lof of money on SBS6 (January 13th)

Patty asserted that SBS6 star Hélène Hendriks lost hundreds of thousands of euros due to bad timing. The Talpa TV personality negotiated the extension of her contract with her employer before summer, a season when she had a huge success with the high-rated program "De Oranjezomer". Hendricks was also popular with the follow-up program "De Oranjewinter", which scored good TV ratings in recent weeks.

  • Everything about Maxime Meiland's lawsuit (January 14th)

  • Dutch celebrities more and more stalked (January 14th)

  • Jeroen Pauw replaces Khalid Kasem (January 19th)

On January 5th, Khalid Kasem resigned from the BNNVARA/NPO 1's talk show "Khalid & Sophie" due to suspicions of bribing a civil servant in order to obtain early release from one of his clients when he was a lawyer. On January 19th, it was announced that Jeroen Pauw would temporarily replace Khalid Kasem and that the talk show's title would change to "Sophie & Jeroen" during this period. Before this announcement, Tim Hofman was rumoured to be part of the program. Patty expressed her satisfaction with Pauw's nomination instead of Hofman's.

  • Patty Brard worried: "Lil Kleine's child still doesn’t talk" (January 19th)

The documentary series "Jorik", broadcast on Amazon Prime, deals with the aftermath of the Lil Kleine-Jaimie Vaes incident and the consequences of living with alcohol and drugs. Lio, Lil Kleine and Jaimie Vaes' 4.5-year-old son, appeared on the program, but Patty was worried about him. "My mother’s heart just cries when I see Little Lío. He’s so cute, but he doesn’t talk," Patty said, insinuating that the problems of the Lil Kleine-Jaimie Vaes couple might have affected their child's mental development.

  • Wendy van Dijk stops her TV activities (January 20th)

Last month, Wendy van Dijk suddenly stopped her television work because her 13-year-old daughter Lizzy was diagnosed with a severe blood disease.

  • Douwe Bob is worth ten million euros (January 10th)

Dutch singer Douwe Bob recently moved from a 1.4 million euro houseboat in Amsterdam to a stately building in Abcoude. Rumour has it that the Dutch singer is worth ten million euros due to his artistic and real estate activities. Patty praised him for that.

  • Patty Brard criticism of Jeroen Pauw: ‘Never again with this man at the table’ (February 9th)

Patty was invited to appear on Jeroen Pauw's new talk show on BNNVARA/NPO 1 after he replaced Khalid Kasem due to his resignation. The TV prima donna declined this invitation.

Here's the reason for this refusal. On May 16th, 2018, when Miss Brard was not on good terms with her daughter Priscilla Nasi, she appeared on BNNVARA/NPO 1's late-night talk show "Pauw" (hosted by Jeroen Pauw). The former Luv' lady discussed her participation in RTL 5's reality show "BN'ers in Therapie". "At some point, Jeroen asked me: "Who is that woman behind you?" He showed a picture of Priscilla on a big screen and wanted to know if I remembered who this person was and how long I had not met her. I didn't appreciate how he took me by surprise and calmly replied that I was there to promote a TV show and didn't want to discuss my private life. This moment on live television impacted me so much that I couldn't sit at the table with this man anymore," Patty explained.

Source: SBS6, NMO, YouTube, Patty Brard on social media, Mediacourant...

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