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PATTY series: viewing figures /// media coverage and reviews (part 2)

February 18th saw the premiere of "PATTY", a Videoland series based on Patty Brard's life. The first episode was broadcast on RTL 4 on the same day to encourage viewers to follow the other episodes on Videoland. On February 25th, Patty proudly announced on her Instagram account that 921.000 viewers watched the first episode (market share: 22.2%) on RTL 4, according to the Dutch audience measurement company, NMO (Nationaal Media Onderzoek). It reached #7 on the Dag Top 25 (the daily list of the 25 most popular TV shows in the Netherlands).

Screenshot of NMO's Dag Top 25 made by Patty Brard on Instagram (February 25th)

On February 28th, Patty announced on Instagram that the series was the most-watched show on Videoland.

A media circus surrounded the series as it generated tons of articles in the Dutch press and reactions on social media. Despite the majority of negative comments from professionals, the series was appreciated by the influential AD television critic Angela de Jong, who binge-watched it. "I love the Patty Brard phenomenon. I watched the shocking scenes in the series with my mouth open. Patty got exactly the series she deserves," De Jong wrote in her column published in AD on February 26th. The columnist praised the diva for her resilience. La Brard survived dishonest TV managers, jealous family members and cheating partners. The former Luv' singer reacted positively to De Jong's review and wrote on Instagram: "Thanks for making my day Angela!"

On February 24th, Dutch actress Isa Hoes and comedian Marc-Marie Huijbregts criticized Patty's series in their podcast, "Marc-Marie en Isa Vinden Iets". Hoes preferred Patty's early years and thought the images of the recent period were cheap. "I enjoyed watching Patty's youth, and Holly Mae Brood played her fantastically. It's a shame she couldn't play the older Patty because she looks and acts like her. As for the recent years, it's like money ran out. It's amateurish and not worthy of Will Koopman. It is difficult to watch Eva van de Wijdeven in a fat suit," Isa Hoes explained.

Isa Hoes Vs Patty Brard

La Brard graces the cover of the latest issue of Beau Monde magazine. She discusses several subjects, including the Videoland series.

"Director Will Koopman came up with the idea to film my life. I thought it was a strange idea because a lot is already known about me. Will told me: "Nobody has ever fallen and gotten up as many times as you". She also used my dive from the diving board on "Celebrity Splash!" as a metaphor. I was injured, but I bounced back. She insisted on incorporating this message into a dramatized version of my life," Patty tells Beau Monde.

"To me, it was not easy to watch the series. Some things didn't happen the way it is shown. It is not my real story, but a dramatized version of it," the notorious media personality adds. Every episode starts with a disclaimer that says the series is based on Patty's life. In other words, some events and stories presented in the show are not accurate.

Patty was involved in the series' making. "I had to tell my story first before they filmed it. That's why I had sessions with a team of writers in which I had to tell everything about my existence. I had emotional and intense interviews. I realized that I embellished unpleasant events from my past and found out that I didn't process everything," the Shownieuws star explains.

Miss Brard is not interested in a second season of "PATTY". "I asked my husband Antoine to stop me if they want to make a second series. I don't ever want to go through this emotional process again. It affected me," she asserts.

Patty's eleven-year-long feud with her daughter Priscilla is mentioned in the series. When asked what Priscilla thinks about this argument being put in the spotlight again, the ex- Luv' lady answers: "Will put a nice twist on this difficult moment. It wasn't stirred up the way it actually happened. Besides, no one will come between my daughter and me anymore. This bond will never be broken again. I think we are strong enough to face how things went wrong".

Source: Videoland, NMO, Marco Rens, Martin Vink, Beau Monde, AD, YouTube...


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