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Patty Brard's news: Birthday and surprising opinion of Lil Kleine and Glennis Grace on Shownieuws

* On March 25th, Patty Brard celebrated her 67th birthday with her daughter Priscilla and husband Antoine at the Michelin restaurant "Aan de Poel" in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. She posted nice pictures of this pleasant moment on Instagram.

Dutch celebrity gossip magazines "Story", "Weekend" and "Party" reposted these photos on their websites.

Patty & Priscilla

Antoine, Priscilla & Patty

Source: Patty Brard's Instagram account, Party, Story, Weekend

* On March 31st, SBS6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" featured Patty Brard as a showbiz expert and drew 504.000 viewers (market share: 20%). One item of the TV program dealt with Lil Kleine. The diva and her team reacted to a recent video that the controversial rapper recently posted after his prison sentence for the abuse of his girlfriend, Jaimie Vaes. Lil Kleine said he "missed everyone in the Netherlands" and confirmed he was in therapy in Thailand. This statement is an attempt to save his lucrative rap career. Patty and her Shownieuws colleague, editor-in-chief of "Weekend" magazine, Bart Ettekoven had a heated debate about Lil Kleine. Surprisingly, the former Luv' singer was ready to give the young man a second chance, whereas Bart didn't believe he was sincere. Lawyer Natacha Harlequin, a crime expert on Shownieuws, shared Patty's point of view.

Here's an excerpt from the discussion between La Brard and her Shownieuws colleagues:

Patty's defence of Lil Kleine provoked many reactions on social media. AD Columnist Angela de Jong thought the rapper wasn't honest in his video and criticized Miss Brard.

In the April 1st edition of "Shownieuws", which attracted 525.000 viewers (market share: 19.2%), Patty discussed another "mea culpa" video posted by a celebrity in danger, Dutch singer Glennis Grace, one month and a half after an incident in a Jumbo supermarket. Lil Kleine inspired Glennis. Patty also wanted to give her a second chance. The ex-Luv' lady was also shocked by the reactions to her opinion of Lil Kleine.

Source: SBS6, SKO,, YouTube, Patty Brard's Instagram account


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