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Patty Brard's strange departure from "Shownieuws"

Earlier this month, Luv's former singer Patty Brard made a surprising announcement: she left the infotainment news program "Shownieuws" on SBS6. Miss Brard has been associated with this TV show for a long time.

Patty's stop-and-go partnership with Shownieuws (2007 - 2024)

In January 2007, La Brard participated in the celebrity figure skating competition "Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs" on SBS6. Her comical performance created a sensation in the Netherlands and relaunched her television career. Subsequently, she appeared on several programs on SBS6, including "Shownieuws" as a showbiz expert.

Viktor Brand & Patty Brard: Shownieuws golden duo between 2007 and 2011

In April 2011, Sanoma and Talpa took over SBS Nederland, the then-parent company of SBS6. One month later, Patty's contract with SBS was not extended, and she had to leave "Shownieuws" amidst rumours of problems with the program's editorial staff.

Patty's appearance on SBS6's celebrity diving competition "Sterren Springen op Zaterdag" caused another sensation in late August 2012 and put her back in the limelight. As a result, she made a comeback on "Shownieuws" in January 2013.

In September 2017, Patty left "Shownieuws" again after Talpa, John de Mol's media company that owned SBS6, considered her "not fruity and fresh anymore", in other words "too old and too fat". In early 2018, Patty underwent a gastric bypass and lost 40 kilos. This drastic weight loss was combined with a change in her public image. The once turbulent drama queen of Dutch showbiz became trendy again.

In March 2019, she signed a four-year deal with Talpa and was back again on "Shownieuws".

Patty Brard signing a 4-year contract with TV director of Talpa Network Marco Louwerens on March 22nd, 2019

After Patty's exclusive contract expired last year, she continued appearing as a freelancer on the celebrity news show.

On the April 5th edition of RTL 4's infotainment news show "RTL Boulevard", an excerpt from "Aran on Tour" was broadcast, during which the diva revealed that she left "Shownieuws". The entire interview aired on April 9th.

Patty Brard on "Aran on Tour (RTL Boulevard) - April 9th, 2024

"I left for a while. I'm in Ibiza for the time being," Patty told the interviewer Aran Bade. "I love all my colleagues," she added without mentioning the internal tensions at "Shownieuws", including her feud with some co-workers (Guido den Aantrekker, Frits Huffnagel, Airen Mylene...).

Patty's announcement on "RTL Boulevard", Shownieuws' rival, felt strange. Dutch media experts thought that something was going on behind the scenes. In the April 14th episode of De Communicado's podcast, Victor Vlam insinuated that Patty was not sincere. "If you just want to go on holiday, you don't have to tell your competitor that you have not had your contract extended and may not return at all. Isn't that weird? It indicates something more is going on," Victor Vlam explained. The real reason for Patty's departure from Shownieuws might be a financial conflict between the Prima Donna and Talpa's boss, John de Mol. "Patty wants more money for her appearances on "Shownieuws", and John de Mol has refused it," Vlam asserted.

Patty thought she deserved better remuneration as her financial value had increased due to the success of the Videoland series based on her life. The ex-SBS6 star now hopes that Shownieuws' viewing figures will drop due to her departure and that Talpa will call her back to rescue this entertainment news show.

Source: Mediacourant, De Communicado's, Veronica Superguide, Luv' weblog archives...


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