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Patty Brard in Story: "I'll never be a grandma"

The latest issue of Story magazine features an article about Patty Brard.

Five years ago, the former Luv' singer said that she considered Yolanthe Cabau's son, Xess Xava, her adoptive grandson. At the time, she was not on speaking terms with her daughter, Priscilla Nasi. Now the situation is different. Patty and Priscilla were reconciled two years ago.

"I'll never be a grandma. I don't want to give too many details because I've promised Priscilla not to talk about her when she's not here. I know there won't be any grandchild. Fortunately, I have enough dear friends who have grandchildren to cuddle and pamper," Patty tells Story.

What matters is the good relationship the diva has with her daughter. "We hadn't seen each other for eleven years. After our reconciliation, we decided not to talk about the past. It doesn't mean that sometimes we don't have any little disagreements. Especially when we work together," Patty adds.

Mother and daughter recently announced the launch of their jewellery line "Pritty" in association with Kruidvat. "It's fantastic to collaborate. But sometimes you notice that there are some little tensions. There was a time when we didn't have any contact. We have to learn to deal with each other. It's getting better," Patty explains.

Source: Story, Marco Rens, La Brard (Facebook page), Dietjes en Datjes...

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