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Patty Brard and her daughter Priscilla Nasi launch PRITTY

On August 18th, Patty Brard and her daughter, Priscilla Nasi, posted a beautiful picture of themselves wearing blue dresses on social media. The ladies told that they would soon reveal the reason for their collaboration.

On August 24th, mother and daughter attended the premiere of "Bodies Bodies Bodies", a film directed by Halina Reijn, at Tuschinski Movie Theatre in Amsterdam. On this occasion, they announced the launch of their jewellery line "Pritty" in association with Kruidvat, a Dutch pharmacy and drugstore chain specialising in health and beauty products. Since February 2020, Patty Brard's panther-print household items have been available in Kruidvat shops in the Netherlands, as part of the "From PB with love" campaign. On the same evening as Halina Reijn's film premiere, De Telegraaf posted an article about this event in its online edition. Click here to read it.

The next day, the article appeared in the Privé section (entertainment news) of De Telegraaf in its paper form. Meanwhile, Patty and Priscilla communicated about Pritty's launch on their social media.

The Pritty collection includes rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Click here to see all the items. On August 29th, Pritty became available online and in the Kruidvat shops.

Screenshot from the Kruidvat online brochure:

Patty and Priscilla graced the cover of the August 27th issue of Vrouw (a women's magazine, supplement to De Telegraaf). They discussed their jewellery line and the situation between them. Mother and daughter were not on speaking terms for eleven years. Two years ago, they were reconciled.

Moreover, La Brard and her daughter appeared in the latest issues of Dutch celebrity gossip magazines.

The ex-Luv' singer reacted to rumours about relationship problems with her husband, Antoine van de Vijver, in Weekend magazine.

Last year, YouTube's entertainment news show RoddelPraat (hosted by controversial media personalities Jan Roos and Dennis Schouten) dealt with rumours about Patty and Antoine's separation. The Shownieuws star posted on social media a beautiful picture of herself with Antoine, Priscilla and her two dogs Bibi and Bobbie in Ibiza, in response to this gossip.

Recently, the SBS6 diva posted a strange quote on Instagram which caused another wave of rumours about problems with her spouse:

"If I post something about narcissism, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a critical message to my husband or that we've broken up and he's a narcissist," Patty told Weekend. "I'm fed up with it! Normally, I never react to this nonsense. It's so silly. I'm not sixteen anymore. This quote was a clear description of a painful situation I experienced, which cost me a lot of money. I don't want to name anybody but everybody knows what I'm talking about," she added. The larger-than-life TV personality mentioned her former lover Eric Peute who caused her bankruptcy in late 1993.

In this week's issue of Story, Patty talked about Priscilla's partner whom she appreciated. "We have a good bond. He is a nice man. We clicked and I like his mother. He's already been to our house in Ibiza," she explained. The young man proposed marriage to Priscilla several years ago but the lovebirds haven't exchanged vows yet. "Priscilla hasn't chosen a wedding dress yet. She wants to get her life back on track first. She has been busy with her studies lately. Priscilla has followed a study to open her own animal shelter in the future. She has always volunteered at an animal shelter and will be employed there as of October 1st," Patty said.

This week's issue of Party features an article about Patty expressing her sorrow about the latest turmoil in the Hazes family. Recently, she criticized Rachel Hazes after her daughter Roxeanne mentioned her lonely and sad youth on the popular AVROTROS/NPO 1's show "Beste Zangers". The 29-year-old singer told Rachel abandoned her. Patty went through the same problems when she was on bad terms with Priscilla.

By the way, Chimène van Oosterhout, a member of Luv' in 2019-2020, also appears in Party. She talked about her parents who recently died.

Source: Marco Rens, Kruidvat, Patty Brard on social media (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook), De Telegraaf/Privé, Weekend, Story, Party, Ditjes en Datjes...


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