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Chimène's news: Buddha to Buddha, Story & Party, sale of a Luv' outfit, Coiffure Awards, Ibiza

Chimène in Ibiza - Photo by Tanja Jess, posted on May 24th on Instagram

* Mother's Day was celebrated on May 8th in the Netherlands. On this occasion, Chimène van Oosterhout and her son Lyam took part in an advertising campaign for the jewellery brand "Buddha to Buddha".

Lyam & Chimène

Video posted on April 28th

* Chimène van Oosterhout and her best friend in showbiz, media personality Tanja Jess recently appeared in the Dutch tabloid press.

The April 26th edition of Story magazine featured an article about the ladies. Click here to read an excerpt. The controversial YouTube channel "RoddelPraat" revealed on March 30th that the Dutch singer and actor Charly Luske had been unfaithful to his wife, Tanja Jess, who rapidly reacted to this news by publishing a statement on Instagram. As a showbiz expert on SBS6's program "Shownieuws", Patty Brard mentioned this issue. Chimène supported Tanja publicly. The ladies have known each other for 20 years and have so much in common. They appeared last month in an issue of Libelle magazine.

Last week's issue of Party magazine deals with the same subject:

* On May 10th, Chimène announced on Instagram that she wanted to sell a Luv' glitter top and accompanying boots due to her house moving. She wore this outfit on several occasions during her Luv' period, including her first photoshoot with Marga Scheide and José Hoebee, when the renowned photographer Govert de Roos took beautiful pictures of them in early 2019.

Photos posted on Chimène's Instagram account and edited by Marco Rens

Chimène's collaboration with Luv' was brief and intense. De Telegraaf announced the group's surprising line-up change (Chimène replacing Ria Thielsch) on January 4th, 2019. This news boosted the trio, which was back for good in the Dutch national media. Luv' recorded a Latin pop-reggaeton single entitled "With Him Tonight" in Spanglish in Miami, Fl, in May 2019. They toured the nostalgia circuit successfully in the Netherlands and Flanders until late August 2019. The group had to interrupt all its activities in September 2019 due to José Hoebee's illness. In February 2020, the Luv' singers announced their break-up.

* On May 15th, Chimène attended the Coiffure Awards 2022 at Studio 21 Hilversum. She looked very glamorous in her white Addy van den Krommenacker dress. The former Luv' member was there to support Pierôt Coiffures hairdressing salon, which had three nominations at the Coiffure Awards but didn't win any trophy. Chimène is a friend of the Pierôt family. Last autumn, she showed her keratin treatment at Pierôt Coiffures hairdressing salon on social media. It was her first haircut since her chemo.

Photos by Hans Petersen:

Chimène van Oosterhout & Daniëlla Pierôt

Chimène and the Pierôt family (Maurice, Daniëlla and Jeannee)

* Click here to read Chimène's latest column for (Wendy van Dijk's online platform specialized in women's issues). The multitalented lady wrote about Ibiza, where she used to live 30 years ago. This week saw her return to the Balearic island. On this occasion, Chimène posted beautiful pictures on social media.

Source: Chimène van Oosterhout on social media (Twitter and Instagram), Story, Party, Buddha to Buddha, Marco Rens, WendyOnline...

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