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Chimène van Oosterhout's latest media news

Due to her status as a Dutch celebrity breast cancer patient, Chimène van Oosterhout has been raising public awareness about cancer in the media since March. Last month, the former Luv' singer promoted the Dutch Pink Ribbon campaign and frequently appeared in the media (Click here and here to read articles about this issue).

* On October 26th, the larger-than-life media personality explained on her Facebook page that had approached her to make a 3D image of her torso and breasts as a tribute to her body.

* On October 24th, episode #65 of the Dipsaus Podcast (featuring Chimène van Oosterhout as a guest) was broadcast via Click here to listen to it. The interview was recorded on October 10th.

On its website, DIPSAUS describes itself as THE fortnightly podcast by and for women of colour and anyone interested in a different sound. It is presented and founded by Anousha Nzume, Ebissé Rouw and Mariam El Maslouhi. Final editing of Dipsaus Exclusives is provided by Sayonara Stutgard of Uitgeverij Chaos. Dipsaus is socially critical, culturally curious, politically involved and always with a good dose of humour, originality and deeply rooted stubbornness.

A fun fact during this interesting interview in Dutch was the overuse of English words and expressions by the Podcast hosts and Chimène. In addition to topical issues related to women of colour in Holland, Chimène discussed her breast cancer, healing process, career on TV, life and many other subjects.

* On October 29th, the seventh episode of Chimène's documentary series "K*T Kanker" (about her breast cancer) was posted on YouTube and Instagram. In this episode, the courageous TV personality underwent immunotherapy.

* Last week's issue of Dutch women's magazine Margriet featured an interview with Chimène about her illness. Click here to read it online.

* Last week's issue of Story magazine featured an article about Chimène van Oosterhout. Click here to read an excerpt online.

* Click here to read Chimène's latest column for (Wendy van Dijk's online platform specialized in women's issues) posted on November 10th. The multitalented lady wrote about the empty nest syndrome, a feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home for the first time, such as to live on their own or to attend a college or university. Chimène felt strange after her son Lyam left her home to study in Amsterdam.

Chimène & Lyam

* On November 12th, Chimène posted a video of herself having a keratin treatment at Pierôt Coiffures hairdressing salon on social media. It was her first haircut since her chemo.

* Following her chemo and immunotherapy, Chimène recently had a beauty treatment at C-Skin in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Pictures were posted on November 8th on Facebook.

* Five days ago, Chimène underwent an important MRI examination. The results will be announced soon. We wish her good luck.

Source: Chimène van Oosterhout on social media (Facebook and Instagram), Breast Sisters, Dipsaus, Margriet, Martin Vink, Story, Pierôt Coiffures, C-Skin

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