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The uncertain future of Marga & Luv's unreleased material

Luv' in 1991: Marga Scheide, Diana van Berlo & Carina Lemoine

In a message posted on Facebook on April 17th, music professional Casper Janssen announced a list of unreleased songs recorded by Marga Scheide and Luv's 1990-1992 lineup (consisting of Diana van Berlo, Carina Lemoine and Marga). These songs are part of the archives of record producer Jacques Zwart, Marga's partner, who passed away twenty years ago.

The unreleased tracks are:

Marga solo:

  • High Energy

  • Revenge (from the musical "Rockstar")

  • Open Up Your Eyes (demo)

Luv’ (outtakes from the ‘Sincerely Yours’ album in 1991):

  • Esta Loca (Rough Mix)

  • Greatest Gift Of All

  • Hey Mister

Luv’ during the "This Old Heart Of Mine/’They Say" sessions in 1992:

  • Use Your Body

It is uncertain if these songs will come out. Marga trademarked Luv's name at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property on November 27th, 1989. As the owner of the Luv' brand, she is the only person who can legally release this exclusive material.

Casper's announcement comes after a series of re-releases. After Luv's break-up in early 2020, the group's material from the 1990s was reissued on digital platforms, on Marga and Casper's initiative:

* The "All You Need Is Luv'" album (reissued in April 2021) - recorded by Luv's original trio (Patty Brard, Marga Scheide & José Hoebee) and initially released in February 1994. Info:

* The "Sincerely Yours" album (reissued in June 1991) and the four singles/maxi-singles taken from it: "Hasta Mañana", "Jungle Jive", "The Last Song", and "He's My Guy" - recorded by Diana van Berlo, Carina Lemoine and Marga Scheide and initially released in April 1991. Info:

Photo edited by Marco Rens

* "This Old Heart Of Mine/They Say" (October 2021) - recorded by Diana van Berlo, Carina Lemoine and Marga Scheide and initially released in February 1992. Info:

In addition to these above-mentioned reissues, Cloud 9 Music, in association with Luv's creator Hans van Hemert, put out "Trojan Horse (Kav Verhouzer Remix)" last year as a digital single.

In a message posted on February 19th on a "Dutch girl groups and female singers" Facebook group, Casper explained that "a reissue of the "All You Need Is Luv'" album (remastered & expanded edition) on CD and vinyl was in the pipeline". A release date has not been revealed yet.

More than three years after Luv's disbandment, there is still interest in the ladies' music.

Source: Facebook (Casper Janssen, Official Luv'), Luv' weblog archives

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