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All You Need Is Luv's reissue on CD and vinyl in the pipeline ~ No Johnny No Can Do on a compilation

Two years ago, Dutch independent label Hit It! Music (run by Casper Janssen) reissued the All You Need Is Luv' album on digital platforms:

In a message posted on February 19th on the "Nederlandse Meidengroepen & Zangeressen Facebook group", dealing with Dutch girl groups and female singers, Casper Janssen announced that "a reissue of Luv's final album (remastered & expanded edition) on CD and vinyl was in the pipeline". A release date has yet to be revealed.

Moreover, Luv's camp and Latino track entitled "No Johnny No Can Do", taken from "All You Need Is Luv'", appeared on a recent Carnival compilation "Carnavals Krakers Vol. 7", released by Hit-It! Music. Click here to see the compilation's entire track listing and buy one copy.

All You Need Is Luv' was initially released by Roman Disc on February 25th, 1994. It was recorded by Luv's original line-up (José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Patty Brard).

All You Need Is Luv's original front cover (1994)

The record came out in a particular context. In 1993, Luv' enjoyed a joyful reunion and exposure in the media. Their "Luv' Gold" compilation sold quite well (40.000 copies in the Netherlands and Flanders). It peaked at #14 on the Dutch Album Top 100 and #9 on the Mega Album Top 100. It spent 18 weeks on both charts. A megamix also came out and reached the 23rd position on the Dutch Top 40 and 17th position on the Mega Top 50 (five weeks on both singles charts). The ladies went on a promo tour through the Netherlands, Belgium, German-speaking countries and Denmark.

Patty Brard, Marga Scheide and José Hoebee toasting the signature of their deal with Dennis Erhatdt and Niel van Hoff of Arcade for the release of the "Luv' Gold" compilation (1993)

Before Christmas 1993, terrible news occurred and overshadowed the trio's comeback: Patty Brard went bankrupt due to the bad management of her magazine "Hello", which she had launched with her partner Eric Peute. Misled by her lover, the diva was obliged to auction all her possessions in late March 1994 and lost everything. This tragedy hit the headlines. Even the honourable NOS Journaal (Holland's equivalent for BBC News) covered this catastrophe.

Despite this misfortune, Luv' decided to record new material and released the "All You Need Is Luv" album. Experienced producers worked on the project: Piet Souer and Martin Duiser (assisted by Koen van Baal and Okkie Huijsdens) supervised the recording sessions. Souer is familiar to the group's public as Hans van Hemert and he wrote the whole Luv' repertoire in their heyday. Duiser was an acclaimed artist as he was involved in the world-famous Stars on 45 project as well as other successful productions (Champagne, Sandra Reemer, Spargo, Lee Towers, Vanessa).

Souer and Duiser had already teamed up in the 1980s to produce popular acts (including Doris D. & The Pins and Anita Meyer). Keyboard player Koen van Baal had a career as an arranger and a session musician for successful singers and groups (including German rock band Scorpions). Okkie Huijsdens collaborated with many Dutch acts (Stars on 45, Sandra Reemer, Patricia Paay, Bodine, Het Goede Doel, Normaal...).

"All You Need Is Luv'" consisted of thirteen tracks recorded in the Bolland studios (owned by the duo Bolland & Bolland) in Blaricum, Netherlands. Luv' covered The Beatles' classic hit "All You Need Is Love" in a reggae-oriented tempo. Some songs were rendered in a Euro-dance style: "Don't Stop Now", "One More Night", "I Cried You Outta My Heart", and "Let's Go To The Paradise Of Love". "Your Love" had a Contemporary R&B influence. "Bad Reputation" and "Big Time Spender" had Pop rock elements. "No Johnny No Can Do" was an attempt to pay tribute to the camp and Latino style of Luv's debut.


  1. "All You Need Is Love" (John Lennon - Paul McCartney) - 4:15

  2. "Don't Stop Now" (Piet Souer - Martin Duiser) - 3:24

  3. "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" (Piet Souer - Martin Duiser) - 4:00

  4. "Shine On" (Piet Souer - Martin Duiser) - 3:28

  5. "One More Night" (Koen van Baal) - 3:45

  6. "I Cried You Outta My Heart" (Piet Souer - Martin Duiser) - 6:10

  7. "You Love" (Koen van Baal) - 4:23

  8. "Let's Go To The Paradise Of Love" (Piet Souer - Martin Duiser) - 4:00

  9. "Bad Reputation" (Piet Souer - Martin Duiser) - 3:22

  10. "No Johnny, No Can Do" (Piet Souer - Martin Duiser) - 3:38

  11. "Big Time Spender" (Piet Souer - Martin Duiser) - 3:00

  12. "Break" (Piet Souer - Martin Duiser) - 4:00

  13. "Medley" (Janschen & Janschens) - 4:00 U.O.Me / You're the Greatest Lover / Casanova / My Number One.


José Hoebee - vocals

Marga Scheide - vocals

Patty Brard - vocals

Produced by Piet Souer and Martin Duiser

Arranged by Koen van Baal, except "Don't Stop Now" and "Big Time Spender" arranged by Piet Souer

Recorded at M.D.P and Bolland Studios, Blaricum, the Netherlands.

Mixed by Piet Souer, Martin Duiser and Okkie Huysdens

Cover Design: Henk-Jan Voordes

Manufactured by Midget U.K.

Pressed by Dynamic Laserdisc

Release and distribution

The album was released by Roman Disc. The copyright was registered at UK's leading collection society MCPS.

The CD was only available in Kruidvat shops (a Dutch drugstore chain). Because of this limited distribution, it did not enter the album charts. Despite its 50.000 copies sold in the Netherlands, which was then the equivalent of a gold certification, the NVPI, a Dutch trade association representing the record companies, could not certify "All You Need Is Luv'". Loyal fans Marijke Ankersmit, Arnold Kroone and Martin Vink had a surprise for the trio to compensate for this lack. During a live performance of the group at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam on May 21st, 1994, they presented a self-made gold record to the ladies to commemorate the good sales of the album. Dutch iconic TopPop presenter Ad Visser, who hosted the show, was present.

Photos by Martin Vink for the Official Luv' Fan Page (Facebook):

Luv' receiving a gold record for All You Need Is Luv'


All You Need Is Luv' was reissued in 1995 and re-packaged as "One More Night" by Rondo Music Music/Pink Records.

On April 2nd, 2021, All You Need Is Luv' became available on digital platforms.

Source: Facebook (Nederlandse Meidengroepen, Official Luv'), Martin Vink, Luv' weblog archives

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