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Shalom Luv'!

Photo edited by Marco Rens

Benelux and German-speaking countries were very important for Luv' during their heyday (1978-1981). Their records were also distributed in other territories. In recent years, I have realized that the girls had also hit records in Finland, Denmark, Norway, France, Spain, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Recently, I found out that Luv's most successful singles, the million-selling hits "You're the Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse", both released in 1978, also charted in Israel.

One of my sources is by French chart specialist Eric Stéphane. Click here to see the best-selling singles by non-Israeli acts which charted in the Jewish state. Eric used for his research. This website is based on combined sources (including hit parades from Reshet Gimmel radio station, Lehiton magazine, Davar and Maariv newspapers and archives from the Israeli National Library). That's how I found the chart run of "You're the Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse" in Israel.

Photo edited by Marco Rens

Israel: a tiny and foreign-friendly market

Israel is a small music market. In 1978, this country had 3.69 million inhabitants. Despite its smallness, the Israeli music market has always been foreign-friendly. At the time, international acts like ABBA, Baccara, Village People and Bee Gees were very successful there.

Reshet Gimmel radio station broadcast a weekly foreign singles chart which was also published in Maariv newspaper back then.

"You're the Greatest Lover" entered Reshet Gimmel Top 30 at #25 on October 24th, 1978. The single peaked at #19 on October 29th, 1978. It remained on the Israeli singles chart until November 12th, 1978, and spent four weeks on the local Top 30. Click here to see the hit parade.

Reshet Gimmel's foreign singles chart - Top 30 on October 29th, 1978, including You're the Greatest Lover at #19h

Then Reshet Gimmel's Top 30 changed into a Top 40. "Trojan Horse" entered Reshet Gimmel's Top 40 at #39 on May 13th, 1979. It reached #20 on June 10th, 1979, remained on this chart until July 1st, 1979 and spent eight weeks on the Israeli hit parade. Click here to see the chart.

Reshet Gimmel's foreign singles chart - Top 40 on June 10th, 1979, including Trojan Horse at #20

Source:, UKmix forum, Reshet Gimmel

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