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Trojan Horse by Luv': 21 weeks on the Australian Top 100 Singles Chart in 1979-1980!!!

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"Trojan Horse" (released by Phonogram-Philips Records in November 1978) is Luv's single that charted the most abroad. This million-seller hit the number-one spot in the Netherlands and Belgium. It also reached the Top 5 in German-speaking countries and Denmark, the Top 10 in Norway, Argentina and New Zealand, the Top 20 in South Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) and Finland and the Top 30 in France. "Trojan Horse" turned gold in Belgium (100.000 certified units) and Austria (50.000 certified units) as well as platinum in the Netherlands (200.000 certified units) in 1979. The single sold 480.000 copies in Germany (as of December 1979) and 80.000 copies in France (as of July 1979).

Two days ago, I posted an article about "Trojan Horse" reaching the lower regions of the Canadian Top 100 in the summer of 1979.

I recently found evidence of Luv's presence on the Australian Top 100 Singles chart. The trio's records were released by the Australian subsidiary of Philips-PolyGram Records "down under".

Australian edition of Luv's debut album "With Luv'" - Philips - 1979 - front cover

With Luv' - Australian edition - 1979 - back cover

A side - With Luv'

B side - With Luv'

Trojan Horse - Australian edition - 1979

In 1979, the Kent Music Report was a weekly Australian record chart of singles and albums, compiled by music enthusiast David Kent and based on record sales and radio station reports. The major record companies used this chart for their own marketing programs, and it had established itself as the leading national chart publication. ARIA became the official Australian music chart in June 1988, succeeding the Kent Music Report.

The archives from the Kent Music Report can now be found on That's how I found the chart run of "Trojan Horse" in Australia. The single entered the Kent Music Report at #97 on September 3rd, 1979. At the time, Luv' were busy promoting "Eeny Meeny Miny Moe" in Europe and were about to leave Philips-Phonogram.

"Trojan Horse" peaked at #50 on the Kent Music Report on November 12th, 1979. Meanwhile, Luv' put out "Ooh, Yes I Do" in the Old Continent after signing a lucrative deal with CNR-Carrere Records.

"Trojan Horse" remained on the Australian singles chart until January 21st, 1980. Though it was a minor hit, it spent 21 consecutive weeks on the local Top 100!!!

Click here to see Trojan Horse's chart run on the Kent Music Report.

Not bad for a European pop group that never promoted their records actively "down under" and never performed on Australian television. Before MTV, music videos were not very common, and a visual act like Luv' had to travel abroad to sing their songs on the small screen. Trojan Horse's only way to enter the charts in Australia was to get airplay there. It's also ironic that a Luv' record released by Philips charted in this distant country, whereas the ladies were simultaneously under contract to CNR-Carrere in Europe.

Source: Kent Music Report, Rate Your Music, Discogs

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