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Luv' in Canada

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Promotional picture of Luv' for Canada - 1978/1979 (Mercury/PolyGram)

The Benelux and German-speaking countries were very important for Luv' during their heyday (1978-1981). This is where the Dutch girl group sold the most records. The trio's singles and albums were also distributed in other territories. The ladies had also hit records in Finland, Denmark, Norway, France, Spain, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mexico, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand.

Last week, I found some interesting material posted on the website of "Library and Archives Canada": two promotional photos of Luv' used by Mercury Records/PolyGram (Phonogram-Philips Records sister companies) as well as the chart run of "Trojan Horse" on the Canadian hit parade.

Promotional picture of Luv' for Canada - 1978/1979 (Mercury/PolyGram)

With Luv' - front cover - Canadian edition

With Luv' - back cover

With Luv' - A side

With Luv' - B side

You're the Greatest Lover

Trojan Horse

At the time, Canada's main singles chart was "RPM 100 Singles", published weekly in RPM magazine. The issues of this trade publication (which existed between 1964 and 2000) were digitized to appear on the website of the "Library and Archives Canada" (LAC).

"Trojan Horse", which dominated the European hit parades in late 1978 and early 1979, reached the lower regions of the Canadian singles chart in June 1979. Here's how RPM magazine described its hit list: "The RPM 100 is a national chart compiled weekly from national sales and radio station airplay and chart action. The top 50 records are computed from sales and airplay. The computation of the records from 51 to 100 is based on early airplay, chart action and regional sales and breakouts. The chart is based on samplings from markets across Canada and indicates trends that may not be prevalent in all areas of Canada. Shaded numbers indicate a strong upward trend and gains in airplay or sales. This chart is offered as a guide to new product and an indication of trends in Canadian markets".

On June 9th, 1979, "Trojan Horse" entered the RPM Top Singles chart at #100. On June 23rd, 1979, it climbed to #98. The single peaked at #95 on June 30th, 1979 and fell to #99 on July 7th, 1979. It dropped out of that chart on its fifth week. This weak commercial performance is due to the fact that Luv' never went to Canada to promote their records actively.

RPM Top Singles chart - June 9th, 1979

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RPM Top Singles chart - June 30th, 1979

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Before Luv's brief appearance on the RPM chart, "Trojan Horse" got some airplay on Canadian radio. The March 31st, 1979 issue of RPM magazine mentioned the record in its "Adult-oriented Hitmakers" section, which dealt with new singles added to radio playlists.

RPM Magazine - March 31st, 1979

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In its April 14th, 1979, issue, RPM magazine showed "Trojan Horse" peaking at #30 on the CKRC Winnipeg airplay chart in its "Rock-oriented Hitmakers" section:

RPM Magazine - April 14th, 1979

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Long before the internet, radio stations were essentials for the success of hit records. Luv' could count on the excellent job of radio pluggers specialized in getting music played on stations. At the time, pluggers were the vital link between bands, their labels, station managers, radio show producers, and DJs.

Source: Library and Archives Canada, World Radio History,,

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