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Patty on "Shownieuws", "The Greatest Hits" and "Think Inside The Box" / Jan Roos in De Nieuwe Revu

Ellemieke Vermolen & Patty Brard backstage at Shownieuws (April 23rd)

* Here are the latest viewing figures of SBS6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" (featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert):

  • April 23rd: 470.000 viewers (market share: 13.7%)

  • April 24th: 456.000 viewers (market share: 17.1%)

  • April 30th: 484.000 viewers (market share: 13.1%)

  • May 1st: 418.000 viewers (market share: 17.6%)

Among the items discussed during the April 23rd edition: Ellen ten Damme accusing Ali B of sexual misconduct, Bas Smit reacting to KLM on strike and the public confidence in King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima hitting an all-time low (according to an online survey of 26,000 people for TV program "EenVandaag").

During the April 24th edition of Shownieuws, La Brard criticized André Hazes, constantly filmed by a camera crew for a documentary on Videoland, despite his burnout.

The 2022 Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Turin, Italy, between May 10th and May 14th. As a member of "Shownieuws", Patty is part of a jury that expresses its opinion about the ESC entries. Click here to watch the verdict of the Shownieuws jury. The video is only available for Dutch viewers. The Prima Donna is not a fan of the Lithuanian entry: "Sentimentai" by Monika Liu.

* Patty appeared on the April 27th episode of Net5's "The Greatest Hits: met stip op 1", which drew 166.000 viewers (market share: 2.9%). The diva discussed the chart-toppers from the 2000s. On March 30th, the former Luv' singer was already present on the program's first episode to react to José Hoebee and the Dolly Dots #1 hits.

Patty on "The Greatest Hits: met stip op 1"

* SBS6's panel game "Think Inside The Box", hosted by Richard Groenendijk, attracted 292.000 viewers (market share: 5.8%) yesterday. Patty Brard, Kees Tol and René van Meurs were the panellists.

René van Meurs, Patty Brard and Kees Tol on "Think Inside The Box"

* Recently, the controversial media personality Jan Roos gave a surprising interview in the Dutch magazine "Nieuwe Revu". He often disses celebrities (including Patty Brard) on his RoddelPraat's YouTube channel. Jan was kind to Miss Brard. "This nice lady hasn't done many things in her life. She is opinionated. She is a lovely girl. She does her best. When she's 72, she'll still be busy. I understand she thinks I'm a jerk. I didn't say nice things about her in the past. She's a good person," Jan told Nieuwe Revu.

Source: Mediacourant, SBS6, Net5, SKO, Patty Brard on social media, Nieuwe Revu


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