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"The Greatest Hits: met stip op 1" (including "I Will Follow Him" by José and Patty's appearance)

Net5 broadcast the first episode of "The Greatest Hits: met stip op 1", a program featuring Dutch celebrities discussing Nr. 1 hits on Holland's Top 40, on March 30th. The TV show, which dealt with chart-toppers from 1980 to 1985, drew 223.000 viewers (market share: 5%).

José Hoebee's Nr. 1 hit "I Will Follow Him" (from 1982) was mentioned. This pop classic was a cover version of Peggy March's 1963 signature song. José was one of the few female singers who had #1 hits on the Dutch Top 40 as a group member and solo artist.

Patty Brard appeared on "The Greatest Hits: met stip op 1" to discuss Dolly Dots, who scored a #1 hit with "Love Me Just a Little Bit More" in 1984. "I was jealous of the Dolly Dots. I wanted to be part of this group. They were hipper than Luv', in my opinion. They never had arguments," the diva said. Patty's comments felt like a cutting remark to Luv', the group which made her the successful media personality she is today. However, the Shownieuws star was pretty positive about José.

Source: Net5, SKO

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