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Patty Brard: the happy life of a freelancer on television

Since her exclusive contract with Talpa ended in March, Patty Brard has been freelancing again on television. The former Luv' singer is free as a bird and can collaborate with commercial networks (RTL Nederland and Talpa TV) and the public broadcaster NPO.

Miss Brard's current status on television happens after the cancellation of a merger plan between RTL and Talpa. In June 2021, the two companies announced their intention to merge with the approval of the European Commission and the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets. The new conglomerate was supposed to become the most powerful Dutch broadcaster. Finally, On January 30th, 2023, the Dutch antitrust authority announced that it would not approve the merger, citing that the newly created company would become too dominant.

PATTY: the series on Videoland

Last month, La Brard caused a sensation at the RTL Content Event, which promoted RTL Nederland's latest TV projects. She announced the launch of "PATTY", a series with five episodes based on her life, broadcast on RTL's streaming platform "Videoland". Will Koopman directs "PATTY". She is the woman who created the successful series "Gooische Vrouwen" with Linda de Mol and who is also responsible for directing "Oogappels", an NPO series which recently won a Gouden Televizier Ring (Dutch TV award). Holly Mae Brood plays the role of the young Patty, and Eva van de Wijdeven portrays the mature Patty.

Will Koopman, Patty Brard and Holly Mae Brood discussing the "PATTY" series on September 27th on RTL Boulevard

Shownieuws: latest viewing figures

Moreover, the larger-than-life media personality continues to appear as a showbiz expert sporadically on Talpa's infotainment news program "Shownieuws", broadcast on SBS6. Now she is independent, she is less obsessed with TV ratings. Since August 28th, the Dutch audience measurement company, Nationaal Media Onderzoek, has published "total video audience data" with enhanced insights into what viewers watch, including in-home online video consumption and media behaviour on smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and computers in addition to regular TV viewing figures. The definitive viewing figures are not communicated daily but weekly. In other words, it takes seven long days to evaluate the success or the flop of Dutch TV shows.

Here are the latest viewing figures of "Shownieuws", featuring Patty Brard:

  • September 27th: 426.000 viewers/market share: 18.7%

  • September 30th: 533.000 viewers/market share: 19.2%

  • October 3rd: 427.000 viewers/market share: 17.8%

  • October 10th: 535.000 viewers/market share: 24.1%

  • October 20th: to be announced.

Among the items Patty and her Shownieuws colleagues discussed:

* Marco Borsato's case (September 27th)

* Paul de Leeuw's Hotel Hollandia (September 30th)

Patty and her crew didn't appreciate Paul de Leeuw's new comedy TV show "Hotel Hollandia" on NPO 1/BNNVARA. Shownieuws aired excerpts from the second episode, and none of the entertainment news experts laughed at the jokes. "This is an awkward silence," Patty said. The diva spared Paul a little when she added: “I thought the part with Jamai was very well done

* Sad news for Marian of RTL 4's reality show "B&B Vol Liefde" (October 3rd)

Marian's Chihuahua died.

* Patty Brard defending Caroline van der Plas against Johan Derksen (October 3rd)

Dutch politician Caroline van der Plas' sudden decision not to perform at De Bevers recent concert in Rotterdam's Ahoy caused controversy. After four and a half hours of rehearsals, she cancelled her performance just half an hour before the show, saying she felt sorry for the victims of a shooting incident in Rotterdam. Media personality Johan Derksen, who attended the concert, explained that Caroline never mentioned this attack during the rehearsal. He stated that the preparation for the gig went very poorly for her and that she suddenly decided to stop. Caroline didn't understand that Johan doubted her integrity publicly. Patty believed that Johan Derksen should apologize to Caroline van der Plas.

* Daniëlle van 't Schip, Willike Alberti's daughter, passes away (October 10th)

Patty reacted to Daniëlle van 't Schip's death: "I haven't met or spoken to her regularly. But we have kept in contact. I've known her for many years when we hung out on the Leidseplein (a square in Amsterdam). I enjoyed her presence. I met her often via her little brother Johnny de Mol. She was a kind and spiritual person".

Ik Hou Van Holland

Patty appeared on the September 23rd broadcast of SBS6's game show "Ik Hou van Holland". The program's drew 678.000 viewers (market share: 15.9%).

Richard Groenendijk & Patty Brard on "Ik Hou Van Holland"

Khalid & Sophie

On October 11th, Patty was a guest on NPO 1/BNNVARA's talk show "Khalid & Sophie", which attracted 553.000 viewers (market share: 14.8%). Click here to watch the program. The ex-Luv' lady is one of the Dutch celebrities who sporadically appear on "Khalid & Sophie" to discuss topic issues. Due to the current Israel–Hamas war, she remained silent for almost the entire broadcast. However, Patty said at the beginning of the program: "It didn't feel good. I've been thinking all day: what kind of lighthearted news should I discuss? Maybe should I talk about Diana Ross' show? I thought about all kinds of things, but one thing I can't get out of my mind is just the images from the war zone. I don't want to be full of hot air".

Source: SBS6, BNNVARA/NPO 1, RTL, Patty Brard on social media, Mediacourant, YouTube...

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