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Patty Brard talking about Marco Borsato's case on "Bitterzoet"

The March 10th episode of "Bitterzoet", a program on AD's video platform "Play", featured an interview with Patty Brard. "Dutch celebrities and cancel culture" was the subject of this episode. Click here to watch Bitterzoet.

In late 2021, the pop singer Marco Borsato fell into disgrace in late 2021 after claims of sexual misconduct with underage girls who were contestants on "The Voice Kids". "I think Marco Borsato's case is difficult. It turned his family upside down. Nothing has been proven to this day. First, I respect all the victims. But I also respect family members who are not involved in this case and suffer a lot. When you have the same family name, everybody is staring at you. I can't stand this situation," the ex-Luv' singer said.

When asked when it was right when someone is "cancelled", Patty answered: "When it's proved that you cannot stop touching young girls. I think you have to go to the doctor. Something has to be decided. When you're on TV, you are a role model".

Source: AD/Play

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