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Patty Brard's Media Headlines (May - June 2024)

  • Patty Brard and Piscilla Nasi in Margriet

The May 2nd issue of Margriet magazine featured an interview with Patty Brard and her daughter, Priscilla Nasi. In 2020, the two ladies were reconciled after eleven years without contact, but they are now on excellent terms. "Letting go is the hardest part of motherhood. As a mother, you always see your child as a little girl," Patty said.

  • Patty Brard Happy with Sister's Community Service: 'I Would Have Given Her 800 Hours'

Patty graced the cover of the May 29th issue of Story magazine. She discussed her sister's community service.

The more than ten-year estrangement from her daughter Priscilla and the way she was kept away from her sick father and demented mother by her sister Debby and the resulting family rift caused La Brard a lot of pain.

According to the diva, this situation essentially had to do with how her sister turned their parents and Priscilla against her. "When money was embezzled from my father, she convinced the whole family that I had done it," Patty said earlier this year in the Volkskrant. "My parents wanted to live close to Antoine and me. My mother had seen an apartment that she wanted, and Antoine and I pre-financed it for them. They would never get a mortgage at their age because they still had a house in Spain and one in Wateringen, and those had to be sold first. But then this apartment would have been gone. So, we filled their bank account so they could get a mortgage from the bank. When they sold their houses, we repaid the advance money. I suspect my sister convinced my father that this loan never existed and that we had stolen several hundred thousand from their account. We tried to refute this to my father ten times, but he had suffered a stroke and could no longer do math. Even my daughter was convinced by all the stories that I was a thief, and as a result, I didn't see her for eleven years," Patty explained.

Moreover, SBS6's infotainment news program Shownieuws interviewed the ex-Luv' singer.

Patty stated that her sister's recent sentencing of her sister felt like justice. Her sibling was found guilty of embezzlement and received a community service sentence of 80 hours. She thought the punishment was too lenient. "I would have given her 800 hours because she really treated my parents very badly. Additionally, she has torn our family apart. I didn't see my daughter for ten years because of her," Patty told Shownieuws.

  • Patty Brard's new collection at Kruidvat

Since early 2020, Patty Brard has wisely multiplied partnerships with Kruidvat, a Dutch pharmacy and drugstore chain specialising in health and beauty products and household items.

Her latest summer "From PB with love" collection, including panther-print items, has been available in Kruidvat shops since May 27th.

Screenshots from the Kruidvat online brochure:

  • New TV project: Charmes in de Strijd on NET5

A couple of months ago, Patty revealed on RTL 4's infotainment news show "RTL Boulevard" that she left "Shownieuws". Her contract expired on March 1st and was not renewed. Last week, the Prima Donna announced her new TV project on social media: a psychological reality show named "Charmes in de Strijd", which will air on NET5 (SBS6's sister channel) in Autumn. Twelve stunningly attractive contestants will embark on a road trip through Italy, using all their charms to win over the opposite sex. The ladies' fate lies in the men's hands, and vice versa. The goal is to reach the end of the road trip, where a prize of 100,000 euros awaits them. Patty recently started taping the program in Italy.

  • Patty @ Lightless Lounge

Nikkie de Jager, Patty Brard and and Wes van Os

Episode 5 of Season 2 of "Lightless Lounge", a podcast by Nikkie de Jager and Wes van Os broadcast on June 5th, featured Patty Brard as a guest. The former Shownieuws star discussed several subjects: her reality show "Patty's Fort" from 2004, including an infamous enema sequence, the Videoaland series "PATTY", Victoria Beckham, her Kruidvat collection, her departure from Shownieuws, her bankruptcy in the 1990s, her problems with her sister, her daughter, her experience with racism and weight-shaming, the preparations for her Panter Party in honour of her 70th birthday in 2025.

Patty mentioned Luv' in the interview. "I come from a girl group. Three girls. I was the one who was more in the spotlight than the rest," Patty explained. When asked if a Luv' reunion was possible, she answered: "I would like such a reunion at my Panther party at Ziggo Dome next year. I think some things have to come to an end in a good way. I showed a negative side of myself in the series. I hope the ladies (Marga and José) will listen to this message. Everybody was afraid that they would be portrayed negatively. But I was the one who was the most portrayed in a non-flattering way".

  • Patty on "De Leeuw Lult Verder"

The June 5th episode of the BNNVARA/NPO Radio 5's podcast "De Leeuw Lult Verder", hosted by Paul de Leeuw, featured Patty Brard as a guest. The larger-than-life media personality talked about her life in Ibiza after the media circus around her Videoland series and the end of her Shownieuws activities. Click here to listen to it.

Excerpt from Paul de Leeuw's podcast featuring Patty Brard

  • Patty on Rooijakkers over de vloer

The diva appeared on the June 9th broadcast of RTL 4's program "Rooijakkers over de vloer", hosted by Art Rooijakkers. Here are excerpts from the show:

Patty and Art having a sound healing session

Patty and her husband Antoine

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