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Patty Brard on Shownieuws: latest viewing figures and items (incl. Maud, Lil Kleine, "M"...)

Patty Brard and Ellemieke Vermolen backstage at Shownieuws on March 14th

Here are the latest viewing figures of SBS6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" (featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert):

  • March 14th: 435.000 viewers/market share: 18%

  • March 17th: 391.000 viewers/market share: 16.2%

During the March 14th broadcast, the former Luv' singer defended "Boer zoekt vrouw" contestant Maud. "Boer zoekt vrouw" (the Dutch version of the reality TV show "Farmer Wants a Wife") is back on KRO-NCRV. Maud, one of its contestants, faces a lot of criticism. AD Columnist Angela de Jong considers the TV program the ultimate example of 'irritainment' and is particularly annoyed by Maud. Some viewers seem to be bothered by her as well. "Evert (Santegoeds, one of Patty's colleagues on Shownieuws) and I were reading Twitter together, and we were shocked by one reaction that said: "I'm going to buy an IKEA bath, and I'm going to drown her. It goes too far," La Brard said. The diva worried about Maud. "I know from experience that if you do reality TV - and I've been involved in reality series - some people can be cruel and post such reactions," Patty explained.

Patty defending Maud on Shownieuws (March 14th)

During the same broadcast, Patty discussed rapper Lil Kleine's latest news. Earlier this week, the judge decided that his two-year pre-trial detention would not be extended and that he would be released. Lil Kleine's friends informed Patty that the young man had made good use of his time in prison. "He's already written a few songs while he was in jail, so he plans to relaunch his career, but before it happens, he's going to recover abroad," Patty told.

The Shownieuws star reassured the viewers about Lil Kleine. "His friends told me they would take care of him. He knows that he needs change because it'll be the end of his career if he goes on like that," Patty added.

Patty Brard backstage at Shownieuws on March 17th

During the March 17th edition of Shownieuws, the ex-Luv' lady talked about the end of Margriet van der Linden's talk show "M" on KRO-NCRV/NPO 1. After five seasons, this program stopped on March 18th due to disappointing TV ratings. Patty Brard regretted this decision. According to the diva, bad viewing figures were not the only reason for the end of "M". "I think it also has something to do with the fact that those ratings did indeed drop a bit, and then you also get a bad press. I won't name names, but in the end it was more about Margriet's glasses and how she looked than about the content of this program," Patty explained. Miss Brard's remark was related to Angela de Jong's cruel column about Margriet wearing glasses on TV. The SBS6 star appreciated that she had always been well received on "M". On March 17th, De Jong appeared on SBS6's "Vandaag Inside" and reacted to "M" being pulled off the air. The AD columnist considered the talk show "too woke".

Patty Vs Angela: different opinions about M

Source: SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant, Patty Brard's Instagram account

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