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Patty Brard on PodBast

The latest episode of Bastiaan Meijer's PodBast (posted on February 17th on YouTube) featured Patty Brard as a guest.

The diva discussed her life and career. She explained that "she thanked the person who once told her she was too fat". In 2017, she left SBS6 after a TV executive criticized her weight. Then she underwent a gastric bypass and rapidly lost 35 kilos. This drastic change led to the signature of a 4-year deal with Talpa TV.

She mentioned her years with Luv'. She admitted that José Hoebee was the most talented singer of the girl group and that Luv' songs were catchy.

The PodBast included a video of Israeli mentalist Uri Geller who asked Patty why she looked younger than her age. The larger than life media personality answered that positivity was the basis for her good appearance. Patty and Uri worked twice together on SBS6: first on the successful paranormal talent contest "De Nieuwe Uri Geller" between 2008 and 2010 and then on Mindmasters Live which was rapidly pulled off the air due to bad viewing figures in 2015.

La Brard also talked about her latest panther print collection for Kruidvat and the Sanremo Festival that she co-hosted with Pippo Baudo in 1985. She enjoyed interviewing famous pop groups even if there were tensions behind the scenes.

Source: PodBast (YouTube), RTL Boulevard

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