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Patty Brard, Mart Hoogkamer and Loiza Lamers on the cover of LINDA.

Patty Brard, Dutch singer Mart Hoogkamer and model Loiza Lamers grace the cover of the latest issue of LINDA. magazine. The three celebrities posed as lifeguards of the legendary 1990s TV series "Baywatch" for photos. Patty and Loiza wore the iconic Baywatch red swimsuits à la Pamela Anderson.

The SBS6 diva put the record straight about cosmetic procedures. “People often say that I constantly use fillers and botox. Big nonsense. I am not opposed to botox, but I only use it once a year,Patty said. La Brard is not a fan of cosmetic surgery. "I have a skilled cosmetic doctor who doesn't inject lips indiscriminately. Sometimes he tells me that I need to sleep to look better. I believe in laser, liniments and hyaluronic acid treatments more than plastic surgery,” she told. "I've never had a facelift. Why would I lie about it? Sometimes I am told that my cheekbones are too prominent. Well, it's because of my parents. I inherited that, just like my good genes,” the Shownieuws star added.

The larger-than-life media personality invests a lot in her appearance. "Every day, I take vitamins and minerals. I pay for expensive extensions for my hair, and I drive especially to Germany for the best dentist,” she explained.

Source: LINDA., Patty Brard on Instagram, RTL Boulevard, Mediacourant...

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