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Patty Brard makes a €600.000 profit with the sale of her villa!

Earlier this autumn, Patty Brard's villa in Amstelveen was sold after being put on the market for months. On November 7th,, a website specialised in Dutch celebrities' real estate, confirmed that the house was sold for €2.1 million (€150.000 less than the asking price). The villa, built in 2010, has a mortgage of €1.5 million, which means that La Brard made a €600.000 profit.

The house is equipped with every luxury: a living area of ​​250 square meters, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. There is also a luxurious kitchen and a beautiful swimming pool as icing on the cake.

Source: BekendeBuren, RoddelPraat, Womanly, Ditjes en Datjes

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