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Bad news for Patty: the landlord cancels the rent on her house in Ibiza

Rumour has it that Patty Brard's villa in Amstelveen has finally been sold. Earlier this year, the former Luv' singer put her luxury house for sale. The selling price was 2.250.000 €. The Shownieuws diva has good reason to be satisfied.

However, there is a dark cloud on the horizon: Patty has suddenly been obliged to cancel the rent on her house in Ibiza. That's what Instagrammer Yvonne Coldeweijer recently revealed. "According to my spy, Patty's villa in Amstelveen has been sold. The spy refuses to tell me if the asking price has been paid," she wrote. "The spy knows that the rent on her house in Ibiza has been cancelled, although she is still able to pay it. There is something between the landlord and her. This bad news come after Patty invested a fortune in the renovations of this rented house," Coldeweijer added.

Source: Ditjes en Datjes, Yvonne Coldeweijer's Instagram account, RoddelPraat


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