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Patty Brard launches her podcast series

On December 12th, Patty Brard announced on her social media that she launched her podcast series "Patty's levenslessen" in association with Audiohuis. The Dutch TV diva discusses the meaning of life. She has been through many ups and downs and is wise enough to give life lessons.

Patty's podcast series is available on major streaming platforms (including Spotify, Apple, and Google).

In every episode, Patty receives a special guest to talk about life's wisdom. The world- famous Dutch illusionist Hans Klok is the first interviewee. Click here to listen to his conversation with Patty. Comedian Richard Groenendijk is the guest in the second episode.

Patty Brard & Hans Klok

Source: Audiohuis, Patty Brard's Instagram account, De Telegraaf, Margriet, Linda, Shownieuws


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