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Patty Brard back on Shownieuws Zomereditie

Yesterday saw Patty Brard's comeback on the early evening edition (aka "Zomereditie" (summer edition) of SBS6's infotainment program "Shownieuws", after a one-month holiday in Ibiza. The TV show drew 127.000 viewers (market share: 3.8%).

The diva and her colleagues, anchorwoman Dyantha Brooks and showbiz expert Bart Ettekoven, work in a relaxed atmosphere and often laugh together live on TV.

Patty and her crew discussed several subjects, including the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Zandvoort on September 4th. During this big event, music will be played in addition to the sound of the roaring engines. The Wilhelmus will be performed on this occasion. The Shownieuws experts would like a different artist to sing the national anthem every year, just like at the Super Bowl. Dyantha Brooks told that "old divas like Trijntje Oosterhuis" would be great to perform this song. "You call her an old diva?" Bart Ettekoven asked Dyantha. "Don't touch my Trijn," Patty said. Bart immediately reacted to La Brard's words: "It's an old locomotive by now" [The female first name "Trijn" sounds phonetically like the word "trein" (which means "train" in Dutch]. Bart's sentence made the whole Shownieuws studio giggle.

Source: SBS6, SKO, Veronica Superguide, Patty Brard's Instagram account


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