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Luv' - Unlimited is....Back in L💗V!!!!

Luv' Unlimited anno 2022 : Peter as José, Jo-Enny as Marga and Patrick as Patty

Earlier this month, Drag act Luv' Unlimited announced its new line-up consisting of the only original member Peter Broos as José Hoebee with two new girls: Jo-Enny Simonis as Marga Scheide and Patrick van Hummel- Van Grinsven as Patty Brard/Ria Thielsch.

Click here to visit Luv' Unlimited's Facebook Page for more information.

For almost 25 years, Peter (initially a Marga Scheide lookalike) has been part of all the incarnations of Luv' Unlimited touring the gay and club circuit in the Netherlands with break-ups, line-up changes and comebacks. A story similar to the original Luv' group.

Luv' Unlimited will celebrate this year its 25th anniversary. For years, this group has always been an ally of the original Luv' singers. The fans remember the drag act's performances during Luv's fan club meetings.

Four shows of the renewed Luv' Unlimited trio are already planned this year, the first taking place on April 3rd. The drag act also intends to perform at Utrecht Pride on June 4th but its participation has not been confirmed yet.

Luv' Unlimited's new trio will re-record their cover version of "You're the Greatest Lover" (initially performed by Peter Broos and Wil van der Schoor in November 2020). Moreover, the group intend to record a 2022 Luv' medley (including "Casanova", "Trojan Horse" and "U.O.Me"). Luv' Unlimited will also be singing 80s disco and dance-pop classics.

In addition to Luv' Unlimited, Peter Broos is also busy with his other project: RisQGay.

We wish the new Luv' Unlimited good luck!!!

Source: Facebook (Luv' - Unlimited is Back in L💗V)

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