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Khalid & Sophie (featuring Tom Egbers and Patty Brard)

Patty Brard appeared on the BNNVARA/NPO 1's Khalid & Sophie" talk show on March 17th. The TV program was high in the ratings. It drew 989.000 viewers and reached #7 on SKO's Dag Top 25 (the daily list of the 25 most popular TV shows conceived by Dutch audience measurement company Stichting KijkOnderzoek).

Patty was not the reason for this success. Tom Egbers stole the show when Khalid Kasem interviewed him. Following a Volkskrant investigation, the controversial NOS sports journalist discussed his accusations of inappropriate behaviour towards an intern. Click here to watch the program.

Before this interview, Patty expressed her admiration for the politician Caroline van der Plas, whose party, the Farmer–Citizen Movement (Dutch: BoerBurgerBeweging, BBB), won the latest Dutch provincial elections. "I'm fond of this woman. What she did is fantastic. She communicates well due to her journalist background. I like that she celebrated her victory with a HEMA cake to show that she is one of us," the former Luv' singer said about the BBB party leader.

The larger-than-life TV personality also talked about Weight Watchers stopping its workshops and continuing its activities online. "This is good news. I lost 35 kilos. I tested many diets, including Weight Watchers. In my opinion, the words "diet" and "bathroom scale" should be banned. There is only one way to lose weight, and it's to be mentally prepared to do it," the diva explained.

Then, La Brard and the other talk show guests had to sit in the audience so Khalid Kasem could interview Tom Egbers one-on-one. Here's what she told her SBS6 colleagues about Khalid and Tom's conversation on the March 18th broadcast of Shownieuws: "I was also a guest there, and we were told at 5.00 pm that Tom Egbers would come. Because of his presence, the music performances were cancelled. Eric Corton and I had to leave the table because Tom wanted to talk to Khalid one-on-one. Of course, he didn't want to be interrupted by people like me. As a woman, I would have asked other things. The interview was not balanced. He was supposed to talk about bullying and his wife's role at Mores, while three-quarters of the conversation was about cheating, and we are not interested in that". This interview took Khalid & Sophie's editorial staff by surprise. "Otherwise, we wouldn't have been invited on this day. Khalid would have made a full evening program out of it. Tom looked "lost". After the broadcast, I looked around, and he was gone," Patty asserted.

Patty Brard listening carefully to Tom Egberts

Source: BNNVARA/NPO 1, SKO, Televizier, Luvgirlgroup archives, Mediacourant


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