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Caroline van Eeden and Chimène van Oosterhout: the new "Frank & Rogier"?

Caroline and Chimène on De Alleskunner VIPS

Since her appearance in the two first seasons of SBS6's high-rated reality show "Chateau Meiland", Caroline van Eeden has become a Dutch celebrity. She thinks she's interesting enough to host a prime-time show like "Paleis voor een Prikkie", previously hosted by Frank Jansen and Rogier Smit. She and Chimène van Oosterhout recently appeared on SBS6's celebrity game show "De Alleskunner VIPS". The ladies clicked during the taping of the program. Chimène was eliminated from the competition last week.

In a recent interview for Weekend magazine, Caroline said she wanted to form a duo à la "Frank & Rogier" with Chimène. "I recently met Chimène van Oosterhout as we participated in De Alleskunner. I would love to work with her. I know Rogier and have good contact with him," Caroline said. Rogier would probably support Caroline's plan. "He once got in touch with me via Instagram and said he admired me. I think he is a very likeable boy," Caroline added. She would like to host a home interior design program on TV. "I'm made for that, and I'd really enjoy doing it. I also completely decorated my new house and it is beautiful. It makes me very happy," she explained.

Source: Weekend,


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