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"Bloedlijn" ("Bloedwijn & Gele Rozen" season 2) featuring 5 Luv' songs to premiere on May 1st

Dernière mise à jour : 20 mars 2023

Anton van Stekelenborg-Poirters

Last year, the first season of Anton van Stekelenborg-Poirters' series "Bloedwijn & Gele Rozen" aired on 'Dit is Helmond' channel and YouTube. Click here to watch the seven episodes of the series.

The cast of "Bloedwijn & Gele Rozen" (2022)

The series' second season, renamed "Bloedlijn", will premiere on May 1st on several Dutch local channels (Omroep Veldhoven, Omroep Meierij TV, HTR Media TV, Kempen TV, SIRIS, Land van Cuijk TV, Omroep Centraal, Omroep Langstraat and Dit is Helmond).

Cast members of Bloedlijn

Free - Theme song from Bloedlijn

Five Luv' songs ("Flash", "Eres Mi Mejor Amante" (the Spanish version of "You're the Greatest Lover"), "Casanova", "Your Love", and "One More Little Kissy") are used for the Bloedlijn's soundtrack by courtesy of Hans van Hemert, the legendary record producer who launched Holland's first girl group in 1976 and made it a household name.

Anton has been an ally of Luv' and José Hoebee for a long time. He and his party band "Dutch Show Company" performed during the ladies' fan club meetings.

José & Dutch Show Company (2015)

José with DSC at Luv's 40th-anniversary party at Quatre Bras in Best (2017)

Luv' & DSC at a fan club meeting in 2019 at Quatre Bras in Best (2019)

In addition to these public events, Anton often used in recent years his position as a radio DJ on Brabantian stations (Rozo Radio, Omroep Best and Omroep Helmond (currently DitisHelmond) to promote Luv' and José.

Before DSC, Anton was a solo artist from 1982 until 2000. He recorded songs under the pseudonym "Robin McRay". He sang in the musicals "Little Shop Of Horrors" and "La Cage Aux Folles" as well as the Dutch "Passion" play.

Source: Facebook (Anton van Stekelenborg-Poirters), Luv' weblog archives

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