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You're the Greatest Lover: 45th anniversary of Luv's signature song

Dernière mise à jour : 11 sept. 2023

LUV's international breakthrough

Photo courtesy of © Official Luv' Fan Page (Facebook)

Forty-five years ago precisely, on July 15th, 1978, Phonogram/Philips Records released Luv's fourth single, "You're the Greatest Lover", which rapidly entered the Dutch Top 40 and later became the trio's signature song as well as their breakthrough abroad.

Let's celebrate the 45th anniversary of this million-selling platinum single, which reached the number-one spot in several European countries and even charted overseas. You're the Greatest Lover is a classic hit single. Dutch, Flemish and German-speaking oldies radio stations still play it. This iconic track has been covered by numerous acts since 1978.


Photo edited by Marco Rens for Official Luv' Facebook Page

Luv' became Holland's sweethearts and sex symbols. Patty Brard, Marga Scheide and José Hoebee appeared in swimsuits in the May 28th, 1978 issue of Panorama magazine. The accompanying text was very sexist. The singers were described as girls who could "swing so immoral with their lower body" and "vocal masseuses".

Panorama - May 28th, 1978

Photo courtesy of Martin Vink

But the Luv' members were unsatisfied with the way their manager Han Meijer developed their career and wanted to dispense with his services. Pim ter Linde became their new manager. He ran Interlinde Artists Management, the legendary “House of Dutch Stars” (including Bonnie St. Claire, Don Mercedes, Saskia & Serge, Ron Brandsteder, Lee Towers.... ).

Meijer considered the name of the pop group as his ownership and took the three singers to court about the use of it.

De Telegraaf - May 25th, 1978: Luv' in danger

Click here to read the article online

Limburgsch dagblad - May 26th, 1978: Luv' in court

Click here to read the article online.

Leeuwarder courant - May 26th, 1978: Luv' Vs Han Meijer

Click here to read the article online.

Het Vrije Volk - May 26th, 1978

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De Telegraaf - May 26th, 1978

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De Telegraaf - May 29th, 1978

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Finally, on June 1st, 1978, the ladies won the legal action and were officially allowed to be named Luv'.

Algemeen Dagblad - June 2nd, 1978 : Luv' are allowed to remain Luv'

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De Telegraaf - June 2nd, 1978: Luv' remains Luv'

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De Waarheid - June 2nd, 1978

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Het Vrije Volk - June 2nd, 1978

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Leeuwarder courant - June 3rd, 1978

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Limburgsch dagblad - June 6th, 1978

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One of Luv's first public appearances after this judgement was a sporting event, Profronde van Woerden, prior to the Tour de France with Dutch road racing cyclist Hennie Kuiper.

De Telegraaf - June 28th, 1978: Luv' with Hennie Kuiper

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The ladies were ready to concentrate on their main goal: an international career. The songwriters Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer composed "You're the Greatest Lover" featuring Spanish guitars. In the book "Nederpop, met hart en ziel", a history of Dutch pop music written by Jan van der Plas and published in 2003, Van Hemert said: "The music had to be uncomplicated but not too vulgar. Preferably with a South American touch...My songs were easy, but Piet made refined arrangements for them".

When the Luv' girls were informed that "You're the Greatest Lover" would be their new single, they were horrified. They initially disliked the song and thought it was too childish. They were even ashamed of it. They later changed their mind when they realized the track was a hit.

On July 15th, 1978, Philips/Phonogram put out "You're the Greatest Lover" as a single. Holland's most-read newspaper, De Telegraaf, mentioned this release in its July 10th, 1978 edition:

De Telegraaf - July 10th, 1978

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As Luv' started to promote their new song, they appeared in an advertising campaign for Polaroid in local papers combined with a contest allowing readers to win Polaroid 1000 cameras.

De Feanster, July 20th, 1978

Limburgs Dagblad, July 22nd, 1978

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The Dutch youth press appreciated Luv'. The girls often appeared in the teen magazine "Hitkrant".

Hitkrant - Week 27 1978

Hitkrant - Week 30 1978

On July 10th, 1978, five days before its release, You're the Greatest Lover premiered on Dutch radio. The single became the "Radio and TV tip" of the highly influential AVRO/Hilversum 3 broadcaster and thus was played in heavy rotation. On July 15th, 1978, it entered Radio Veronica's Tipparade (Bubbling Under Top 30).

Luv's track entered the Dutch hit parades (Top 40 and Nationale Hitparade) and the Flemish BRT Top 30 on July 29th, 1978.

The August 3rd, 1978 edition of De Telegraaf revealed that AVRO/Hilversum 3 would play less commercial music and stop its Radio and TV tips. This cruel decision was a bitter pill for the Phonogram radio pluggers to swallow. Fortunately, this bad situation was rapidly forgotten when Greatest Lover became a hit single.

De Telegraaf - August 3rd, 1978: AVRO/Hilversum 3 playing less commercial music (including Luv')

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In addition to the catchiness of "You're the Greatest Lover", another important aspect was the easy and iconic choreography for the song developed by Lydia van Wooning. The TV viewers enjoyed Luv' raising their hands in the air as they sang 'Shananananananana".

Luv's iconic "Greatest Lover" dance routine on AVRO's TopPop, broadcast on September 2nd, 1978

In September 1978, Luv's Greatest Lover hit the number-one spot in Low Countries. The Dutch press published articles about this success.

The August 31st, 1978 edition of De Telegraaf covered the party Pim ter Linde, the group's manager, organized in his villa in Soest, the Netherlands, to celebrate Luv's chart-topper. Record producer Hans van Hemert, arranger Piet Souer, José's then-husband Marteen Andreoli (aka Matt) and Patty's future husband, quizmaster Ron Brandsteder, the director of Phonogram Nigeria, Saskia & Serge attended this event in honour of the Luv' ladies. Greatest Lover sold 11.000 copies in one day in the last week of August 1978 in Holland, replacing "You're the One That I Want" by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John at the top of the Dutch charts.

Apart from her career with Luv', the blonde Marga Scheide was still modelling. Here's how she discussed the incredible popularity of "Greatest Lover" when she gave a phone interview on the NPO Radio 5 program "Theater van het sentiment" in 2016. "In the beginning, I kept working as a photo model in addition to my activities with Luv'. I never expected that we would have a number-one hit. I didn't follow the record charts like the Dutch Top 40. One day, I received a call from our manager. He told me that we were #1. We had a party. I was very surprised. Earlier that day, I did a photo shoot for Foxy Fashion and C&A (a Dutch chain of fashion retail clothing stores)," she said. The triumph of Luv's single made Marga quit her modelling activities.

De Telegraaf - August 31st, 1978: Luv' celebrating their number-one single

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Luv' and their team (producer Hans van Hemert, manager Pim ter Linde and arranger Piet Souer) celebrating their #1 hit single in Holland

Leidsch Dagblad - September 1st, 1978: Luv' hit the number one spot with "The Greatest Lover")

Click here to read the article online.

Leidsch Dagblad - September 20th, 1978: Luv' about their success

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In the September 30th, 1978 issue of Weekend magazine, Hans van Hemert discussed his desire to export Luv's music to Europe. Luv's father was in touch with Claude Carrere, a notorious French record producer, Sheila's Pygmalion and owner of his record label. Philips/Phonogram licensed the rights for "You're the Greatest Lover" to Carrere Records in West Germany, the biggest music market in Continental Europe. "France and Germany are key countries in Europe. We have good contacts there for Luv'. Claure Carrere of Carrere Records even phoned me because he wants to distribute Luv' in several countries. He's the kind of guy who does his best until they have a hit. In one month, he could arrange four TV performances in Germany," Van Hemert told Weekend magazine.

Weekend - September 30th, 1978

Photo montage by Marco Rens

AD - September 9th, 1978: Luv' behind the scenes (including the taping of "Dolle Dinsdag" on BRT)

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A Luv' mania took the Netherlands by storm. The trio toured the Schnabbel circuit. In other words, Patty, Marga, and José trained their vocal cords in provincial banquet halls, discos, clubs, festivals and fairs across the Netherlands. Sometimes they gave three shows per evening in three different venues.

Luv' in Weesp during the "Sluis en Bruggenfeest" (1978)

Hysterical fans disturbed some live performances.

De Telegraaf - September 15th, 1978: Luv' in danger during live shows in Utrecht, Sliedrecht and Breda

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Luv's agenda was very hectic, as this newsletter published by the group's management in September 1978 proved it:

Interlinde Management's news memo from September 28th, 1978 (taken from José Hoebee's scrapbook)

Luv's agenda including live shows and TV tapings (late 1978 and early 1979)

Patty Brard posing with her manager's dwarf goat named "Patty" like her

Luv' during the release party of their debut album "With Luv" at the Hilversum airport on August 21st, 1978

Luv' crossing the borders

In October 1978, You're the Greatest Lover became a real international hit single when it entered the Musikmarkt/Media Control chart in Germany. The next month, Luv' became a household name in Goethe's country when the song hit the number-one spot. The Federal Republic was Luv's biggest market. They were chauffeured in limousines to luxury hotels, graced magazines covers and often performed on TV shows next to super acts like Village People, Blondie or Boney M.

Luv' performing "You're the Greatest Lover" on the German show "Disco", broadcast on October 30th, 1978, on ZDF

Greatest Lover was included in the soundtrack of episode 54 of the Derrick TV series.

Derrick episode 54 including a scene in a discotheque where "You're the Greatest Lover" was played (1979)

Luv's song was also used over the opening credits of a Teutonic comedy film "Sunny-boy und Sugar-baby" (aka She's 19 and Ready) in 1979.

Luv's popularity in the Benelux and Germany facilitated the conquest of the neighbouring European countries (Austria, Switzerland, Finland).

Luv' poster in the December 7th, 1978 issue of the German teen magazine Bravo

Photo montage by Marco Rens

In France, Luv's single was entitled "Sing Me, Sing Me a Chanson" to adapt to the local market and was supported by the leading French radio station RTL.

Luv's Greatest Lover was also a smash hit in Israel and South Africa.

In early 1979, Luv' recorded a Spanish version of the track ("Tu Eres Mi Mejor Amante") whose lyrics were written by the renowned songwriter and producer Alfredo Garrido, who worked for Philips Records. ABC newspaper published an article about Luv' in its April 29th, 1979 edition to present the girl group to the Spanish public.

ABC - April 29th, 1979

Click here to read the article online.

Tu Eres Mi Mejor Amante reached #1 in June 1979 in Cervantes' country.

ABC newspaper - June 5th, 1979

Tu Eres Mi Mejor Amante : #1 in Spain

The song was also successful behind the Iron Curtain, especially in East Germany, Poland and Hungary. Records distribution was limited in the Eastern Bloc. Sales were hard to evaluate in this part of the world.

The USA and UK seemed immune to the trio's charm. "It would have been great if we had been picked up in America or England," José Hoebee told American author James Arena in his book "Europe's Stars of '80s Dance Pop Vol. 2" (2018). "But I think the lyrics to our songs may have been too simple for these markets. We never made it there, but it was never a problem for us, and we never felt like we missed out something," she added.

Single cover

One important aspect of the record was its iconic front cover with the three sexy singers posing at the Gran Canaria Airport. The photo was taken by Claude Vanheye. This artist had already photographed the "crème de la crème" of the 1960s and 1970s: Jimi Hendrix, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Iggy Pop...

Commercial performance

The Luv' singers took advantage of their attractive look and promoted the "Greatest Lover" on the major European TV shows (TopPop, Musikladen, Disco, Top Club, Musik & Gäste...). As a result, the track was a chart-topper in the Netherlands (where it went platinum - 150.000 copies sold), Belgium, Germany (Gold certification - 650.000 copies sold), Switzerland, and Spain. It reached the Top 5 of the Europarade (a compilation of European charts). It peaked at #2 on the Austrian singles chart, #26 on the Finnish singles chart, #19 in Israel, and #15 in South Africa. In France, "Sing me, sing me a chanson" reached #21 on the SNEP chart and sold 67.000 copies.

In early 1979, Phonogram/Philips Records announced that the single sold 1 million copies worldwide.

Ad published by Phonogram Records in Billboard Benelux Magazine in 1979 to celebrate the 1 Million sales of "You're the Greatest Lover"

Charts positions:

🇳🇱 #1 on the Dutch Top 40 (Netherlands)

Debut date: July 29th, 1978 - Weeks at #1: 4 - Weeks on chart: 15

🇳🇱 #1 on the Nationale Hitparade - Top 50 (Netherlands)

Debut date: July 29th, 1978 - Weeks at #1: 5 - Weeks on chart: 16

🇧🇪 #1 on the BRT Top 30 (Belgium)

Debut date: July 29th, 1978 - Weeks at #1: 2 - Weeks on chart: 14

🇧🇪 #1 on the Ultratop Flanders - Top 30 (Belgium)

Debut date: August 5th, 1978 - Weeks at #1: 3 - Weeks on chart: 13

🇪🇺 #5 on the Europarade - Top 30 (European charts)

Debut date: August 19th, 1978 - Weeks on chart: 16

🇩🇪 #1 on the Musikmarkt/Media Control Chart - Top 50 (Germany)

Debut date: October 2nd, 1978 - Weeks at #1: 4 - Weeks on chart: 27

🇨🇭 #1 on the Schweizer Hitparade - Top 15 (Switzerland)

Debut date: October 21st, 1978 - Weeks at #1: 3 - Weeks on chart: 15

🇮🇱 #19 on the Reshet Gimmel's foreign singles chart - Top 30 (Israel)

Debut date: October 24th, 1978 - Weeks on chart: 4

🇦🇹 #2 on the Ö3 Austria Top 15 (Austria)

Debut date: November 15th, 1978 - Weeks on chart: 24

🇫🇷 #21 on the SNEP Singles Chart - Top 50 (France)

Debut date: January 21st, 1979 - Weeks on chart: 7

🇿🇦 #15 on the Springbok Top 20 (South Africa)

Debut date: January 22nd, 1979 - Weeks on chart: 8

🇫🇮 #26 on the Suomen virallinen lista - Top 30 (Finland)

Debut date: February 1979 - Months on chart: 1

🇪🇸 #1 on the ABC Clasificacion Nacional del Disco - Top 10 (Spain)

Debut date: March 18th, 1979 - Weeks at #1: 1 - Weeks on chart: 14

Year-end charts (1978):

🇳🇱 #11 in the Netherlands (Nationale Hitparade)

🇳🇱 #7 in the Netherlands (Dutch Top 40)

🇧🇪 #10 in Belgium/Flanders (Ultratop)

🇩🇪 #62 in Germany (Media Control Charts/Musikmarkt)

🇨🇭 #18 in Switzerland (Schweizer Hitparade)

​Year-end charts (1979):

🇩🇪 #44 in Germany (Media Control Charts/Musikmarkt)

🇦🇹 #14 in Austria (Ö3 Austria Top 40)


🇳🇱 Netherlands:

Gold single - 100.000 certified copies - 1978

Platinum single - 150.000 certified copies - 1979

🇩🇪 Germany:

Gold single - 500.000 certified copies - 1979

Hitkrant - March 29th, 1979: You're the Greatest Lover, Gold in Germany

​Total Sales:

🇩🇪 Germany: 650.000 copies (as of December 1979)

🇫🇷 France: 67.000 copies (as of March 1979)

Total sales: 1 million copies worldwide

Source of record charts:

Source of Certifications (Gold & Platinum):

  • Netherlands: Phonogram B.V, CNR, NVPI

  • Germany: Deutsche Grammophon Gesellschaft M.B.H - BVMI

TV performances

* July 25th/August 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th/September 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th, 1978: Rockplanet (TROS Top 50, TROS/Nederland 2), Netherlands

* August 1978: You're the Greatest Lover (music video)

* August 15th, 1978: Ter Land, Ter Zee En In De Lucht (TROS), Netherlands

* September 2nd, 1978: AVRO's TopPop, Netherlands

* Unknown broadcast date in 1978: Dolle Dinsdag (BRT), Belgium

* September 20th, 1978: Veronica's Popjournaal, Netherlands

* September 21st, 1978: Musikladen (Radio Bremen), West Germany

* October 14th, 1978: Die Aktuelle Schaubude (NDR), West Germany

* October 30th, 1978: Disco (ZDF), West Germany

* November 19th, 1978: All You Need Is Luv' (TV special) on TROS, Netherlands

* December 8th, 1978: Top Club (Antenne 2), France

* December 31st, 1978: Medley (U.O.Me, You're the Greatest Lover, Trojan Horse) and presentation of two Veronica awards on Countdown '78 (Veronica), Netherlands

* December 31st, 1978: Jetzt Geht Die Party Richtig Los! (ZDF), West Germany

* Unknown broadcast date in 1978: Musik und Gäste (Schweizer Fernsehen), Switzerland

* January 1st, 1979: Des Magiciens (TF1), France

* February 13th, 1979: Sacha Distel and Guests (BBC 2, United Kingdom)

* March 4th, 1979: Eres Mi Mejor Amante (Spanish version) on Fantástico (TVE), Spain

* March 22nd, 1979: All You Need Is Luv' medley (My Man, U.O.Me, You're the Greatest Lover, Trojan Horse) on Musikladen (Radio Bremen), West Germany

* April 14th, 1979: Medley (U.O.Me, You're the Greatest Lover, Trojan Horse) and Casanova on Stuif es uit (AVRO/Nederland 1), Netherlands

* September 15th, 1979: Eres Mi Mejor Amante (intro) and Casanova (Spanish version) on Aplauso (TVE-1), Spain

* December 26th, 1979: Goodbye to the seventies (Veronica/Nederland 2), Netherlands

* December 31st, 1979: Rerun of TopPop 1978 on Geprolongeerd 1979 (NOS), Netherlands

* October 27th, 1988: Samen (charity TV show hosted by Mies Bouwman on AVRO), Netherlands

* June 12th, 1993: Let's have a party (RTL 4, Netherlands)

* Unknown broadcast date in 1993: OPA – Die Oldie-Parade on N3 (Germany)

* April 7th, 2006: "Albert" (RTL 4), Netherlands

* June 8th, 2006: "TROS Zomeravondcafé" (TROS), Netherlands

* June 28th, 2006: "TROS Muziekfeest op het plein" (TROS), Netherlands

* July 3rd, 2006: Tien om te zien" (VTM), Belgium

* January 19th, 2007: Sterren Dansen Op Het Ijs on SBS 6 (Netherlands)

* August 31st, 2007: Het Grootste Muziekfeest van Nederland on TROS/Nederland 1, Netherlands

* May 18th, 2008: Archives from 1978 on Disco Inferno (NDR), Germany

* January 4th, 5th and 6th, 2014: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* January 12th, 13th and 14th, 2014: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany

* May 9th, 10th and 11th, 2014: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* May 9th, 10th and 11th, 2014: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* May 17th, 18th and 19th, 2014: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* September 16th, 17th and 18th, 2014: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* September 24th, 25th and 26th, 2014: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* January 28th, 29th and 30th, 2015: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* February 4th and 5th, 2015: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* July 19th and 20th, 2015: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* July 27th, 2015 (twice): rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* November 30th and December 1st, 2015: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* December 8th and 9th, 2015: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* April 13th and 14th, 2016: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* April 21st and 22nd, 2016: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* August 24th and 25th, 2016: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* September 1st and 2nd, 2016: rerun of Disco (ZDFkultur, Germany)

* December 10th, 2016: performance of Trojan Horse and You're the greatest lover during the Mega Piraten Festijn at the GelreDome and a backstage interview (RadioNL, Netherlands)

* June 23rd, 2018: Die besten Sommerhits aller Zeiten (MDR, Germany)

* May 25th, 2019: Rerun of Musikladen (RBB, Germany)

* December 21st 2020 and January 1st 2021: rerun of TopPop on "Het beste van... 50 jaar Toppop" (AVROTROS/NPO3, Netherlands)

* December 31st, 2021: TOP 2500 (192TV, Netherlands)

* January 1st, 2022: rerun of TopPop on "Het beste van... 50 jaar Toppop Archief" (AVROTROS/NPO3, Netherlands)

* June 10th, 2022: Die ultimative Chartshow - die erfolgreichsten Ballermannhits (50 Jahre) - RTL, Germany

* December 9th, 2022: rerun of TopPop on "Het beste van... Toppop Archief" (AVROTROS/NPO3, Netherlands)

* December 31st, 2022: TOP 2500 (192TV, Netherlands)

* May 20th, 2023: rerun of Musikladen on Die 100 besten Kulthits der 70er (SWR, Germany)

Tracklisting & release

You're the Greatest Lover

7" vinyl single (45 rpm) - original release by Philips/Phonogram Records on July 15th, 1978

  • A side: "You're the Greatest Lover" - 2:50

  • B side: "Everybody's Shaking Hands On Broadway" - 3:27


Songs written by Janschen & Janschens (Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer)

Producer: Hans van Hemert

Arranger/conductor: Piet Souer

Vocals: José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Patty Brard

Original Dutch cover

The single came out in various editions, depending on which countries the release took place. Philips/Phonogram licensed the record's rights to multiple labels worldwide.

Click here and here to be informed about the several editions of You're the Greatest Lover.

Photo montage by Marco Rens

German edition

Spanish version (Tu eres mi mejor amante)

French edition

Promo single made available to French radio stations

Italian edition

Japanese edition

Turkish edition

Polish edition

Canadian edition

In 1989, the German subsidiary of Philips reissued the track on a CD single.

In 1993, the Dutch Top 40 hit "Megamix '93" was backed with a Eurodance remix of "The Greatest Lover".

Since 2014, "You're the Greatest Lover" has been available on digital platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music and YouTube)

Cover versions

Photo montage by Marco Rens

Here's a list of the cover versions of "You're the Greatest Lover":

  • Ulla Norden: "Wir Sind Verrückt (Wir Beide) (Germany, 1978)

  • The Hiltonaires: "You're the Greatest Lover" on "Hits For Young People 18" and "Top Disco" (German compilations released in 1978)

  • Jonathan King: "You're the Greatest Lover" (UK, 1979) - #67 on the UK Singles Chart

  • Disco Light Orchestra: "You're the Greatest Lover" on the Disco Sensation compilation (Germany, 1979).

  • Ady Zehnpfennig: "You're the Greatest Lover" on Ady's Non Stop Hitparade I compilation (Germany, 1979)

  • Franz Lambert‎: "You're the Greatest Lover" on the Pop-Orgel Hitparade 4 compilation (Germany, 1979)

  • Eini: "Vetonaula" (Finland, 1979)

  • Taru: "Vetonaula" on the "Disco City 3" compilation (Finland, 1979)

  • James Last Orchestra: "You're the Greatest Lover" on his album "New Non Stop Dancing 79" (Germany, 1979)

  • Disco Ape: "You're the Greatest Lover" (Finland, 1979)

  • Gina, Dale Haze and the Champions: "You're the Greatest Lover" (Ireland, 1979) - #10 on the Irish singles chart

  • Karl Dall: "Hey Hallo, Ich Bin Die Größte Nummer" (Germany, 1979)

  • Die Molly Sisters: "He, hallo, du bist ein Mann geworden" (East Germany, 1979)

  • Margareta Pâslaru: "O melodie jucarie" (Romania, 1980)

  • Brotherhood of Man: "You're the Greatest Lover" on the Good Fortune album (UK, 1980)

  • Kirmesmusikanten: "You're the Greatest Lover" on the "28 Super-Sommer-Sonnen-Hits non stop" compilation (Netherlands/Germany, 1985)

  • Angie van Burg: "Wir Sind Verrückt (Wir Beide)" (Germany, 1994)

  • The Hallmond All Stars Orchestra: "You're the Greatest Lover" on the Night Fever Hammond Hit Parade compilation (UK, 1996).

  • Kristina Bach: "Hey, ich such' hier nicht den größten Lover" (Germany, 1999)

  • Loona: "Latino Lover" (Netherlands/Germany/Spain, 2000) - #6 on the German singles chart (250.000 copies sold), #6 on the Swiss singles chart, #9 on the Austrian singles chart, #40 on the Dutch Single Top 100.

  • Rob Ronalds: "Kanjer" (Netherlands, 2002) - #57 on the Dutch Single Top 50

  • Massiv in Mensch: "You're the Greatest Lover" (Germany, 2003)

  • Glamourama: "Greatest Lovers" (Netherlands, 2004) - Medley including You're the Greatest Lover

  • Junggugga Gams: "Latino Lover" on the Giggenmusik Party - Folge 2 compilation (Austria, 2004)

  • Angelica: Latino Lover (Italy, 2004)

  • WC Experience: Watt'n Balle (Netherlands, 2004)

  • Swoop: "The Greatest Lover" (Belgium, 2005) - #25 on the Ultratop singles chart in Flanders.

  • Strato-Vani: "You're the Greatest Lover" (Belgium, 2006)

  • Renate Fuchs: "Hey, kumm loss m'r Fastelovend fiere" (Germany, 2008)

  • Contour: "Latino Lover" on the Latin Party compilation (Germany, 2009)

  • Rumba del Sol: "Latino Lover" on the Ritmo Loco album (Germany, 2011)

  • Chrizaan: "So Verlief" (South Africa, 2013)

  • Ritmos Latinos: "Latino Lover" on the Latino Lover: Hot Latin Songs compilation (United Kingdom, 2014)

  • Huub Hangop feat. DJ Maurice: "Ik wil met jou een selfie" (Netherlands 2016)

  • Jack Gelee: "Ich will mit Dir ein Selfie" (Germany, 2016)

  • Feierwut: "Hey Hallo wir sind heut auf Mallorca" (Germany, 2016)

  • Angelica: "Latino Lover (Tabata Remix)" on the 40 Tabata Latin Hits 2017 Session (Unmixed Compilation for Fitness & Workout) compilation (Italy, 2017)

  • Angelica: "Latino Lover" on the New York Step Latin Hits Workout Collection compilation (Italy, 2018)

  • DJ Happy Vibes (feat. Jazzmin): "Latino Lover" on the Phönix album (Germany, 2018)

  • Angelica: "Latino Lover (Fitness Version 132 BPM)" on the Step for Seniors 2019 Session (Italy, 2019)

  • Angelica: "Latino Lover" (Fitness Version 140 BPM) on the Top Spinning Latin Hits 2020 Fitness compilation (Italy, 2020)

  • RisQGay: "The Greatest Latino Lover" (Netherlands, 2020)

  • Bert & Vief: "De Grootste Liefhebber" (Netherlands, 2021)

  • DJ Clubstone: "Greatest Lover" (Germany, 2022)


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  • Europe's Stars of '80s Dance Pop Vol. 2: 33 International Hitmakers Discuss Their Careers by James Arena (2018), publisher: BookBaby

Source: Luv' weblog archives, Official Luv' (Facebook), Wikipedia,, 45cat,, YouTube...

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