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All About Luv'

Holland's first girl group

Welcome to the one and only website about Dutch girl group Luv' in English.  Including news about the group and its former members: Marga Scheide, José Hoebee, Patty Brard, Ria Thielsch, Chimène van Oosterhout, Diana van Berlo, Michelle Gold and Carina Lemoine. Several topics are discussed on this site (including those dealing with Luv's past and present entourage).

Pas d'événements pour le moment

About this site

This site is about Luv', Holland's greatest girl group of the late 1970s and early 1980s. The original trio consisted of José Hoebee, Marga Scheide and Patty Brard. The three singers scored a string of hits (U.O.Me, You're the Greatest Lover, Trojan Horse, Casanova, Ooh, Yes I Do...) in a large part of Continental Europe, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Argentina and Mexico. In August 1980, Ria Thielsch replaced Patty. In March 1981, the group disbanded for the first time. Luv' made several comebacks later and went through line-up changes. The original members reunited several times. In 2016, José, Marga and Ria decided to resurrect Luv'. In 2019, Chimène van Oosterhout replaced Ria. In 2020, Luv's management announced the group's break-up due to José's ill health. Currently, Patty and Chimène are still busy as media personalities. Several topics are discussed in this blog (including the ones dealing with the group's past and present entourage).

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