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Trojan Horse (Kav Verhouzer Remix): chart run on the Dutch iTunes Top 100

Dernière mise à jour : 26 févr. 2022

On February 11th, Cloud 9 Music put out Luv's Trojan Horse (Kav Verhouzer Remix)

on digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube).

Download/stream Luv' - Trojan Horse (Kav Verhouzer Remix):

On February 12th, the single entered the Dutch iTunes Top 100 at #10. Earlier today, it dropped out of the Top 100.

Here's the single's chart run on the Dutch iTunes Top 100:

  • February 12th: #10

  • February 13th: #24

  • February 14th: #32

  • February 15th: #44

  • February 16th: #47

  • February 17th: #77

  • February 18th: #73

  • February 19th: #88

The music video for Trojan Horse's new remix is surprising. It features three lovely models as Luv's lookalikes lipsyncing to the original trio's vocals: Maruschka Sahiboe as Patty Brard, Linsey Fauve as Marga Scheide and Angelique Van Dinter as José Hoebee.

Click here for detailed information about Trojan Horse's 2022 version.

Source: Cloud 9 Music, iTunes Netherlands Top 100

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