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Trojan Horse 2022: Kav Verhouzer remix/Music video with Luv's lookalikes/Dutch iTunes Songs Chart!

Dernière mise à jour : 20 févr. 2022

On February 11th, Cloud 9 Music put out a new remix of "Trojan Horse" by Luv' on digital platforms (including Spotify and YouTube).

DJ-producer-remixer Kav Verhouzer has revived Luv's classic pop hit. Earlier today, his remix reached #12 on the Dutch iTunes Top 100. The current position is #24!

#12 on the Dutch iTunes Top 100 Songs Chart today at noon

#24 on the Dutch iTunes Top 100 Songs Chart at 4.00 pm today

Kav Verhouzer

"Trojan Horse" was initially written by Hans van Hemert and Piet Souer as "Janschen en Janschens" and released in November 1978 by Philips/Phonogram Records. This million-seller topped the charts in the Netherlands and Belgium, reached the Top 5 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Denmark, the Top 10 in Norway, New Zealand and Argentina, the Top 20 in Finland, South Africa and Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), the Top 50 in France and Australia and the Top 100 in Canada. "Trojan Horse" turned gold in Belgium and Austria and platinum in the Netherlands.

Before Kav Verhouzer, this legendary pop track was already remixed by J.R Beltman and F.M Endenburg in 2006 and by Matt Pop in 2015. Click on the following link to see all the official Luv' remixes:

Luv' during their Trojan Horse era (late 1978)

Trojan Horse - original music video broadcast on AVRO's TopPop and the TROS special "All You Need Is Luv'" in November 1978

Kav Verhouzer has tens of millions of streams to his name with hits such as "Hot Skin" with Sam Feldt and "Good When We're Together" with Cooperated Souls. His remix gives a modern twist to the song, which will be a great party starter or the perfect background music for TikTok videos.

Download/stream Luv' - Trojan Horse (Kav Verhouzer Remix):

The music video for Trojan Horse's new remix is surprising. It features three lovely models as Luv's lookalikes lipsyncing to the original trio's vocals: Maruschka Sahiboe as Patty Brard, Linsey Fauve as Marga Scheide and Angelique Van Dinter as José Hoebee.

Maruschka Sahiboe as Patty Brard, Linsey Fauve as Marga Scheide and Angelique Van Dinter as José Hoebee

Photo montage by Marco Rens (Official Luv' Fan Page)

Svenno Koemans (CEO of the Dutch company "Pixelheaven") filmed the video.

A teaser campaign started last week on Instagram.

Instagram post from February 6th

Instagram post from February 10th

Maruschka, Linsey and Angelique gave a one-off lipsync performance on February 11th in the evening at the Café In The City in Rotterdam to promote Trojan Horse's new remix.

Patty Brard reposted one of the teasers as a story on her Instagram account one day before the broadcast of the music video. The SBS6 star, who has not been on speaking terms with her former Luv' colleagues for seven years and criticized them in her 2020 best-selling biography, expressed satisfaction about this project. This enthusiasm might be unexpected for a lady who often said in interviews that she didn't want to be associated with Luv' anymore. The truth is that Patty is proud of her Luv' past with Marga and José.

Marga, who trademarked Luv's name, didn't take part in this project.

The February 11th edition of SBS6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws" (featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert) included an item about Trojan Horse 2022 remix and its music video. The TV program drew 495.000 viewers (market share: 17.2%).

Shownieuws report

Shownieuws interviewed Luv's lookalikes.

Maruschka, Linsey, and Angelique on Shownieuws

"We are not the new Luv', but we could be Luv' for one day. It was really nice and pleasant. We did our best. We hope everybody is satisfied and in particular the old Luv'," Linsey said. "We wanted to put out a new version with a modern twist to make it popular for the youth. We want the new generation to enjoy it because the music from the past is fantastic," Angelique told. "My mother always sang to "Hey, hello, you are the greatest lover" and my father still has a photo of himself with José. So I already knew Luv' songs," Maruschka explained. The young ladies also mentioned the trio's iconic dance routines. "Nowadays, there's a hype around the booty shake. But this time, we had to control ourselves. The routines were rigid," Linsey said. "Oh, it was terrible because I had to control myself because I usually move more," Angelique added.

When asked what Patty thought about Trojan Horse 2.0, the diva answered: "It's unique. It's a one-off performance. Earlier this evening, the girls danced in Rotterdam. It was successful. Our reporter was there tonight, and they played to a full house. The music remains good. I'm glad that this new version has come out spontaneously. It's not only about the money". "We had to dance rigidly because José didn't appreciate the dancing lessons as she only considered herself a singer. But I ask myself what Marga thinks about this new project because she trademarked Luv's name behind our back. We tried to call her and guess what? She didn't pick up the phone," Patty said ironically.

Patty Brard on Shownieuws

As a music expert on Shownieuws, Roland Molendijk analyzed Trojan Horse's 2022 version: "The people behind it asked themselves: "We own the copyright on this music catalogue. What can we do to reissue it?" So they asked producer-remixer Kav Verhouzer to add a new beat to the song. Svenno Koemans, who has been working for years in the industry, directed the music video. He told that they had to search for an old TopPop set to make it look credible. Now there's a revival of interest in disco and 1970s music. Discos reopen next week, and such a song is appropriate for these places".

When Bart Ettekoven told Roland Molendijk that Marga owned the group's name and that this new incarnation of the trio was not allowed to be named Luv', the Shownieuws music expert replied: "It's not that easy. Officially, you have to get permission from the Benelux trademark registration office. You may change the name into "Luvy" or "The New Luv'". I don't know if there's an ambition to tour with it. But one thing is sure: when the music industry sees a goose that lays the golden egg, they make sure to re-release such material".

Moreover, Dutch websites and mentioned Kav Verhouzer remix.

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