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Patty in the spotlight: Shownieuws, Kruidvat launch party, Weekend, Party, Angela's unboxing

Dernière mise à jour : 8 oct. 2022

Patty Brard often appears on the early evening edition (aka "Zomereditie" (summer edition) of SBS6's entertainment news program "Shownieuws".

During the June 27th broadcast (240.000 viewers/market share: 6%), Patty and her team criticized Ruud van Os, editor-in-chief of the local station Radio Rijnmond, after he fired the controversial media personality Johan Derksen. A couple of months ago, Derksen told on SBS6's talk show "Vandaag Inside" that during his career at Veendam football club, he and the goalkeeper had "penetrated an unconscious woman with a candle"; according to Derksen "technically a prosecutor could have seen the act as rape." Derksen qualified the incident as a "youthful error". The following day, several prominent Dutch people stated that Derksen should be banned from TV. Dutch prosecutors did an open inquiry "to establish the truth of possible criminal behaviour that was discussed on that program". Derksen refused to apologize. On April 27th, he did retract the sexual assault story, claiming he had not penetrated the woman but had put a candle between her legs. The criminal inquiry into the case was closed on June 2nd. Prosecutors had questioned Derksen, but the case was dismissed due to the facts could not be established. The alleged victim was not questioned because she had not been identified. On June 27th, Derksen told Shownieuws Zomereditie that he was about to host his own show on Radio Veronica. This announcement felt like a rehabilitation. Patty was happy that a national station recruited him after his dismissal by a local broadcaster.

On June 28th, it was reported that pop singer Waylon boycotted Shownieuws after Patty's comments on his infidelity on June 17th.

During the June 29th broadcast of Shownieuws Zomereditie (254.000 viewers/market share: 8.4%), the former Luv' singer discussed the reality TV show "Real Housewives of Amsterdam".

During the June 30th broadcast of Shownieuws Zomereditie (304.000 viewers/market share: 7.6%), Patty and her crew talked about the umpteenth story in the Hazes family, Manuëla Kemp's health issues, and Danny de Munk who filed a counter-statement against the woman who reported rape against him. Moreover, the fifth episode of "Patty Op Ibiza", a mini-series about tips in Ibiza, was aired. The diva visited a local hotel. Click here to watch the video (only available for Dutch viewers).

Item about Danny de Munk

* June 26th saw the official launch of Patty Brard's latest collection for Kruidvat. A party was held on this occasion at Francis Rood's Borrelbar in Amsterdam with many celebrities (including Viktor Brand, Bart Ettekoven, Dyantha Brooks, Selma van Dijk, Maureen Du Toit, Guido Spek , Sarah van Soelen and Anouk Smulders).

Dutch celebrity gossip magazines Weekend and Party published articles about Miss Brard's new Kruidvat collection and the launch party.

La Brard sent TV columnist Angela de Jong a package containing panther-print items from her Kruidvat collection. The latest episode of her AD Media Podcast featured the unboxing of Patty's package. Angela, who often attacked the diva in her columns and podcasts, seemed very satisfied with these gifts.

Patty Vs Angela

Source: SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant, YouTube, Marco Rens, Patty Brard's Instagram account, Weekend, Party, Gids.TV, AD Media Podcast...

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