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Patty Brard: Spring "From PB with love" collection at Kruidvat and a new skincare line

A couple of weeks ago, Patty Brard announced on social media the launch of her latest "From PB with love" collection for Kruidvat, a Dutch pharmacy and drugstore chain specialising in health, beauty and household products.

In addition to the usual panther-print suits, this collection includes dog toys, colorful rugs, dresses, bags and warm panther-print slippers.

Pictures from the Kruidvat brochure:

Moreover, the former Luv' singer announced yesterday on Instagram the launch of a new skincare line in association with Kruidvat and The Brand Studio, scheduled for tomorrow.

The diva posted these images on Instagram stories earlier today to promote her new beauty line:

Source: Kruidvat, Instagram


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