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Patty Brard: Shownieuws / New House / Echte Jongens / Khalid & Sophie /Patty's levenslessen

Here are the latest viewing figures of SBS6's infotainment news program "Shownieuws" featuring Patty Brard as a showbiz expert:

  • January 18th: 567.000 viewers/market share: 24.2%

  • January 20th: 529.000 viewers/market share: 21.5%

  • January 21st: 491.000 viewers/market share: 14.7%

  • January 27th: 484.000 viewers/market share: 20.3%

During the January 18th broadcast, the diva discussed her move to a new home and the Hazes family feud.

The former Luv' singer recently sold her villa in Amstelveen for €2.1 million. She bought a 195 square meter house for 1.2 million euros in the new housing estate Duin in Almere, the Netherlands. In the Funda real estate agency's advertisement promoting the Duin project, you notice that Patty's privacy will be impacted in her new home. Curious people may look right into her interior from the public walking and cycling path in front of her house.

"I think that many people will be shocked. When you are 67 and supposed to retire, you have to live on the ground floor. I need to move into a flat, but I'm not ready yet. That's why we eventually ended up at Almere Duin. That's a new neighbourhood," Patty said.

Patty's new house in Almere Duin is still being renovated. “The expansion is not finished yet. Antoine (Patty's husband) is completely renovating it. You can walk straight into the dunes from the house and go to the beach in your bare feet," the larger-than-life media personality confirmed.

Here are pictures of Patty's new nest :

Just after she announced her move and pictures of her new acquisition were revealed in the media, paparazzi immediately drove to Almere Duin to check La Brard's new place. It made the prima donna furious. Photographers used the bike and walking path next to her house.

"Dear paparazzi, we are moving to Almere Duin, but that is still no reason to cross the hiking path in the dunes for a photo. There are children and dogs… Stop it! If you want pictures, call me instead of driving up the trail on the trail! The neighbours have a bad impression," Patty wrote on her social media.

Moreover, during the same Shownieuws broadcast, on January 18th, Patty told she spoke to Roxeanne Hazes on her 30th birthday for her podcast "Patty's Levenslessen". According to Patty, Roxeanne misses her brother André very much.

Patty talking about Roxeanne Hazes on Shownieuws (January 18th)

During yesterday's broadcast of Shownieuws, Patty and her team discussed the problems between Jaimie Vaes and Yvonne Coldeweijer. Jaimie responded to the fact that Yvonne leaked the phone conversation in which she requested the Instagrammer to get rid of the video of her then-partner, rapper Lil Kleine, assaulting her. Among the other subjects Patty talked about was the new season of RTL 4's reality show "Married at First Sight".

Dyantha Brooks & Patty Brard backstage at Shownieuws yesterday

* The new season of the reality show "Echte meisjes in de jungle" was launched on RTL's streaming platform Videoland on January 9th and became an instant hit. Some viewers told on social media that they would be interested in a male version of the TV program called "Echte Jongens". A recent video suggesting Patty Brard as a presenter of the male version of the show went viral on TikTok. RTL 4's infotainment news show RTL Boulevard called the former Luv' singer last week to know if she accepted to host Echte Jongens. The diva was very enthusiastic about this idea. In March, her exclusive four-year contract with Talpa TV expires and she wants to freelance on television. So any TV project is suitable for the ambitious media personality.

Ten years ago, Patty hosted "Echte meisjes op de prairie" on RTL 5, so she has great potential to present Echte Jongens.

* On January 20th, Patty appeared on BNNVARA/NPO 1's talk show "Khalid & Sophie", which drew 730.000 viewers (market share: 16.6%). She discussed Madonna's upcoming "Celebration Tour". Click here to watch the excerpt from the program featuring Patty.

The tour was announced on social media on January 17th and will focus on the singer's greatest hits. To accompany its announcement, Madonna shared a "Truth or Dare" inspired star-studded promo video featuring industry colleagues Diplo, Judd Apatow, Jack Black, Lil Wayne, Bob the Drag Queen, Kate Berlant, Larry Owens, Megan Stalter, Eric André, and Amy Schumer. A lot of shows were sold out within a few minutes. La Brard is a big Madonna fan and has two tickets for the pop star's concert at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. "I think it's going to be a unique experience. She has always said that she would never sing all her hits. Earlier this week, there was this strange video which announced the tour. She had Pippi Longstocking braids though she's sixty four. A bunch of comedians appeared in this video. They played "Truth or Dare". When asked if she dared to go on a world tour with all her greatest hits, she answered: "Yes! I'll do it!". It's fantastic that she will travel the world for more than 50 shows. When she started her career, her little girl's dreams came true. She became a pop icon. She is the symbol of pop music and fashion. All the little girls identified themselves with her," Patty said.

Priscilla, Miss Brard's daughter, has also been a huge Madonna fan since childhood. "I remember when my daughter was three years old, she came down the mountain skiing and sang "Open Your Heart To Me". She dressed like Madonna too. The first concert she attended at age seven was a Madonna show. It was at De Kuip in Rotterdam. She was really impressed. As a kid, you always remember your first concert with your parents. I hired a big limousine on this occasion. There were two limos at the front entrance. One belonged to Madonna, and the other was Priscilla's. After the show, the paparazzi thought Madonna was in our limousine, so they followed us to Amsterdam," Patty added. The ex-Luv' lady praised the Material Girl. "She has her own style. She doesn't care about what others think of her. She does her thing. That's why we love her. We all grew up with her music," Patty asserted.

Moreover, the Shownieuws star reacted to strange news on Khalid & Sophie. Recently, the Dutch government announced the ban on pets such as flat-faced dogs and cats with folded ears, which look sweet but suffer "miserable" health problems. Agriculture Minister Piet Adema said he would seek to outlaw the designer breeds' ownership and ban photos of them in advertising or on social media. Gordon's dog Toto belongs to the category of forbidden pets. Two years ago, Goor and his animal often had bad publicity in the tabloid press. The talk show host, Khalid Kasem, asked Patty about Gordon. "He's been through many things, probably on several levels. I know these comments about his dogs made him crazy. I've been told that the dogs cannot breathe well in Dubai. But I'm no spokesperson for Gordon. He can do it himself," La Brard said about her ex-SBS6 colleague.

* The fourth episode of Miss Brard's podcast series "Patty's levenslessen" (in association with Audiohuis) was broadcast on January 20th and featured singer Roxeanne Hazes as an interviewee.

The fifth episode of the podcast, broadcast on January 23rd, featured the Dutch media personality Tanja Jess.

* On January 24th, Patty Brard and her husband, Antoine van de Vijver, signed the contract for their new house in Almere. The enfant terrible of Dutch showbiz announced it on Instagram. Dutch celebrities (including Viktor Brand, Anouk Smulders, Tanja Jess, Leco van Zadelhoff, Monica Geuze and Dyantha Brooks) reacted positively to the good news.

Source: SBS6, SKO, Mediacourant, Patty Brard's Instagram account, Bekende Buren, BNNVARA, Audiohuis, RTL Boulevard...


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